Public finance programming: Élisabeth Borne triggers a 12th 49.3

Public finance programming: Élisabeth Borne triggers a 12th 49.3

2023-09-28 00:51:46

The tone for the evening was finally set at the start of the session this Wednesday evening. “We are starting this session which I am sure will be full of surprises,” introduced Sébastien Chenu, the RN vice-president of the National Assembly, ironically. The strong protests coming from the ranks of the opposition and in particular from Nupes only served to animate the start of the examination of the public finance programming law 2023-2027. Until Élisabeth Borne appeared just before midnight in the chamber to hold the government accountable.

Just before her, it was the President of the National Assembly Yaël Braun-Pivet who took her place from Sébastien Chenu, announcing the inevitable. At the Lectern, the Prime Minister did not take long to remove the last doubts. After having defended “a text of responsibility for our sovereignty”, based on a more ambitious trajectory than that initially planned, Élisabeth Borne initiated article 49.3, to the jeers of her opponents.

“A scenario likely to present itself again”

The use of this article of the Constitution, the 12th since she moved to Matignon, is not really a surprise. It is the consequence, obviously, of the relative majority and the inability of the Renaissance group and its partners to find support in the opposition groups. Also, the government took the risk of seeing its text adopted “thanks” to the abstention of the deputies of the National Rally, with the certainty of being reproached for the benefit of an alliance of “convenience”.

“This has nothing to do with the National Rally,” said a minister this Wednesday. The reality is that the groups which do not vote for the text are in opposition, and in fact we did not have a majority on this text. This is a scenario that is likely to arise again.”

“The government is 49.3 dependent”

The Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire took care to consult the opposition groups. Hopes were obviously zero with the left, they were in vain with LR, despite exchanges with the president of the party Éric Ciotti or even the president of the group in the Assembly Olivier Marleix. “Our efforts have been numerous. Whatever is proposed, they refuse to vote, attacks a ministerial source. We no longer understand what this party stands for. It’s sad “.

On the opposition side, we deplore the executive decision. “The government is 49.3 dependent, addicted to the brutalization of parliament even on a secondary text,” deplores Boris Vallaud, the leader of the socialist deputies. The rebellious president of the Finance Committee Éric Coquerel supports the criticism. “They act as if they were the majority and as if 49.3 was a solution when it is a problem. They make no effort to form alliances. »

Just after the Prime Minister’s announcement, the left announced its intention to table a motion of censure. On the side of the National Rally, the deputy Jean-Philippe Tanguy announced that the group’s decision to submit another or to vote for that of the left will be taken on Thursday, after an exchange with Marine Le Pen, traveling to the stranger.

A month after the meeting in Saint-Denis, when the President of the Republic spoke for twelve hours with the leaders of the opposition, the government also intends to show that it remains in control and will not allow its political agenda to be dictated. by the wishes of the oppositions. Although the text examined this Wednesday is of relative importance, the executive perfectly remembers the snub suffered last year, when its bill was rejected in the Assembly. With the budget review just weeks away, the evening session felt like a dress rehearsal.

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