Publishing, after Stephen King Scampia will also publish Daniel Pennac

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twelve o’clock, 10 March 2021 – 12:57

New coup by Marotta & Cafiero: Rosario Esposito La Rossa announces that in September an essay on immigration by the French writer pap of Signor Malaussne will be released

of Chiara Marasca

After Stephen King in Scampia comes Daniel Pennac. another special day for the Marotta & Cafiero publishing house, relaunched in the Neapolitan district by Rosario Esposito La Rossa. Who today with a post and a broad smile announced the closing of the agreement for the publication of the French author: Translated all over the world, millions of copies sold. After Stephen King we bring a master of entire generations to Naples. It’s still nun ate see anything !, writes on Facebook.

Pennac returns to Scampia

Another big blow, therefore, after the one he scored with Stephen King, of which La Rossa, who goes for 35 and already has a decade of tireless activity carried out in his neighborhood on the parallel tracks of promoting culture and ‘social commitment, two months ago announced the publication of Guns – Against weapons. We aim to become a national publisher, explains La Rossa, who leads a team of five, but without losing our identity. And in this sense, after King’s appeal against arms, which will come out on May 4, the publication, in September, of an essay on emigration signed by Pennac seems to us the right way. And for the author of the

irresistible saga of the Mr. Malaussne, in a certain sense it is a return: Pennac linked to Naples by a long friendship and in the past was also a guest of some cultural initiatives promoted in Scampia. Marotta & Cafiero contacted him also counting on this bond, and the project went through. The volume will be distributed by Mondadori. Pennac’s name is added to the catalog that we are building with passion and of which we are already very proud: there are Joseph N’Diaye, Rea, La Capria, Bernari, Compagnone and many other important names.


But alongside the satisfactions as a publisher, there are, for Rosario Esposito La Rossa, the Knight of Merit of the Republic, also those as a writer. On his latest book, Lucignolo, Einaudi bet. No reinterpretation of Collodi but a testimony in the form of a precious fabula for young people in the suburbs. Where fate can change thanks to a father-Geppetto who in his case was sport: Without football, without the Arci di Scampia field, the former boys like me would have had no other horizons.

March 10, 2021 | 12:57

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