punch in the face of the member and expulsion

punch in the face of the member and expulsion

BarcelonaAggression this Sunday in Lleida regional football. As reported by the newspaper secret, a player from Agramunt assaulted the referee of the match corresponding to the fifth subgroup of Segona Catalana in the match against Palau d’Anglesola. The referee, EBA, was attacked yesterday with a punch by the visiting player EGD, after he and a footballer from the home team were sent off due to a fight at the end of the first half when the two teams entered the tunnel of dressing rooms

Agramunt reacted quickly to the events and this Sunday kicked the footballer out of the club, who, in addition, will now face a sanction that could be up to 25 games due to the seriousness of the incident . The referee, 21 years old, received the impact on the lip and decreed the suspension of the match, with the score 0-0 at half-time. He then went to the CAP of Tàrrega, the city where he resides, to be treated. They made an injury report, which has already been sent to court, and the member of staff will report the incident to the Mossos d’Esquadra.

The aggression occurred after a first half without notable incidents, but the fight between EGD and some local players, prior to the expulsions, was the trigger. According to Agramunt, the coach and the expelled player asked the referee to enter their dressing room to ask for explanations; he didn’t allow them and they talked from outside, but when they crossed that’s when the footballer punched him.

Agramunt sends the player off

Agramunt did not take long to issue a statement announcing that it was expelling the player from the club and apologizing to the referee. “The club condemns all kinds of violence and does not tolerate this type of behavior,” the letter concluded. For its part, the Palau has also published a letter on social networks regretting the events and “wishing the referee a speedy recovery”. The Pla d’Urgell club also highlights how Agramunt proceeded. “At all times they have tried to calm spirits and their attitude has been as correct as possible”, they say.


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