Putin awarded the title of Hero of Russia to a soldier from Dagestan who died in Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree conferring the title of Hero of Russia posthumously to Senior Lieutenant Nurmagomed Gadzhimagomedov, who died during a military operation in Ukraine. The President announced this at a meeting of the Security Council.

According to the president, in battle the senior lieutenant “confidently commanded his fighters, like a real commander, taking care of his subordinates.” Even having been seriously wounded, Gadzhimagomedov “fought to the last.” According to Vladimir Putin, the military man “blew up the militants surrounding him with a grenade and himself.”

“He took this step because he understood who he was dealing with. With neo-Nazis who mock prisoners and brutally kill them,” the head of state added.

After that, Vladimir Putin made an emotional statement: “I am a Russian person, and, as they say, my family is around Ivana and Marya. But when I see examples of such heroism as the feat of a young guy Nurmagomed Gadzhimagomedov, a native of Dagestan, a Lak by nationality, our other soldiers, I want to say: I am a Lak, I am a Dagestan, I am a Chechen, Ingush, Russian, Tatar, Jew, Mordvin, Ossetian . It is simply impossible to list all of the more than 300 national ethnic groups in Russia.”

The death of Nurmagomed Gadzhimagomedov was announced by the head of Dagestan, Sergei Melikov, on February 27. Mr. Melikov expressed condolences to the family of the deceased on Instagram, and also added that the military man “showed courage because he was brought up like that and because he chose the difficult and noble path of defending peace for himself.”

According to the Ministry of Defense on March 2, during the operation in Ukraine, 498 Russian soldiers were killed, 1,597 were injured.

About the course of the military operation and the reaction of the world – in the online broadcast “Kommersant”.


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