Putin “corrects” his partial mobilization by excluding students

The Italian daily The Republic relayed the information in his live, this Wednesday, October 5.

“During a meeting with teachers broadcast by state television, Vladimir Putin said he signed a decree that brings corrections to the partial mobilization, writes the Roman newspaper. The Russian president said that this will not apply to students, including those enrolled in certain private universities, or to certain thesis students and students in evening classes.

“A chaotic mobilization”

Made public on September 21, the announcement of a partial mobilization, recalls for its part Al-Jazeera, “triggered protests and attacks on recruitment centers across the country. It also led to the arrest – according to prominent protest watchdog OVD-Info – of some 2,400 people.”

Moreover, continues the Qatari media, “the mobilization seemed chaotic, and people who did not meet the conditions to be called up, such as disabled men or people over the age limit, received summonses from the army”.

“Adequate corrections had to be made”

As for the students called up, for the Kremlin, there too there would have been question of an error. An error that the Russian president wanted to correct, explains the Moscow news site Vzgliadrelaying the words of Vladimir Putin himself:

“As soon as the partial mobilization was announced, the Ministry of Defense specified that many categories of people did not have to be mobilized. They were listed, but the data was not integrated in time into the normative and legal bases, and the draft decree was published as is. This is why it was necessary to make the appropriate corrections.”

This is reassuring news, in a context where young people are among the categories of people who, in recent weeks, have fled Russia the most.


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