| Putin threatened Britain with a single missile

|  Putin threatened Britain with a single missile

London: After the controversial documentary on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has exploded a controversial bomb in its own country. A revelation of the former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson in the documentary Putin vs. the West became controversial.

Johnson has revealed that President Vladimir Putin has threatened to dissuade Russia from military action against Ukraine. Johnson told the BBC that Putin, enraged by the intervention, threatened to destroy Britain with a single missile in a minute. Boris, I don’t want to hurt you. But with a missile, Johnson pointed out that Putin said it would take a minute…or something like that. He said that he did not take it seriously.

Johnson recalled that he told Putin as part of the consensus move that Ukraine should not join NATO anytime soon. The documentary BBC aired yesterday morning at nine o’clock British time. Aired. Currently not available including on YouTube.


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