Pyramid of the Unknown Queen in Egypt; And Mummies – Pyramid | Queen Neith Egypt

Pyramid of the Unknown Queen in Egypt;  And Mummies – Pyramid |  Queen Neith  Egypt

A beautiful country gifted by the Nile in the wilderness of the desert. That is Egypt. When you hear Egypt, the pyramids that come to mind are towering in the background of the desert. Ancient Egypt also had the practice of mummifying the dead through a special process. Explorers have discovered a pyramid of an Egyptian queen that was never known in the history of the world. This queen’s name is Neeth.

Along with this, a number of coffins, mummies and artefacts were found. Explorers have also discovered many tunnels connected to each other to add to the mystery. Giza is a famous area in Egypt. The country’s most famous pyramid is also located here. The new discovery is from Saqqara in Giza. Saqqara is located 32 km away from Cairo, the current capital of Egypt.

Tutankhamun, who ruled Egypt for ten years from 1333 BC to 1323 BC, is believed to have been mummified here after his death, possibly by the generals or advisors of Emperor Tutankhamun. Nearby is the pyramid of Teti, the first king of Egypt from the 6th century. During the New Dynasty of Egypt, Teti was worshiped as a god by the people. That is why people wanted to be laid to rest near Teti’s pyramid. Most of the mummies now found in Saqqara are from the Neolithic period. The New Dynasty lasted from the 6th to the 11th century BC.

The reason for the new rarity is that not many coffins or mummies from this period have been found in Saqqara. These mummies are still in good condition. This is because the process of mummification was highly developed during the New Dynasty.

Content Summary : Pyramid of queen Neith found in Egypt


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