Qing Dynasty concubines had a luxurious fantasy life

Qing Dynasty concubines had a luxurious fantasy life

2023-09-30 02:18:00

For thousands of years, the lives of the concubines in the three palaces and six courtyards is always a mystery. Everyone thinks that living in luxury like that must be very happy, but is the truth like that or not, or instead it is loneliness and sadness.

Uncovering the mystery of history, posterity will know the truth behind that luxurious life.

Life in the three palaces and six monasteries is like “fish in pots and birds in cages”. Every action is always constrained by dozens of rules collectively called “regulations”. Once in the palace, everyone’s scope is greatly limited. The concubines were mostly lonely and did not get much exercise, so everyone was weak and sick. They entered the palace when they were teenagers, and most of them left due to grief and illness when they were still young.

Concubines and beautiful women often live very lonely lives.

Qing dynasty harem It was revealed that it is impossible to separate from medicine. Medicine seems to be like lipstick, becoming an “inseparable” thing for the beautiful women in this harem.

But for them, the “beauty” factor is very important. Having a beautiful face and hair is not enough, you also have to be beautiful in the clothes you wear.

Every day, they wash their faces with warm water, apply masks, and use To Chau lipstick. In particular, they also use a lot of Oriental medicine toothpastes to take care of their oral health.

Concubines mainly only care about beauty.

The word “beauty” became the great and only goal of the beautiful concubines in the Qing Dynasty harem. The concubines not only practice renovating their appearance, but also pay attention to luxurious clothes and elegant style. In order to nurture the dream of changing lives: “Once the Emperor favors him, there will be only one person among ten thousand people.”

Taking photos with foreigners is only for people of noble status.

However, the harem is also a place that places great importance on family status and position. Based on the strict hierarchy, not every lady can eat and wear well. Each position will be divided into different portions. For example, the royal concubine was given 6kg of pork, while the royal concubine was given 4.9kg, the concubine was given 4.5kg, and the concubine was only given 3.4kg. Because saying everyone is lavish is not necessarily true.

Even small things like eggplants are carefully measured and measured.

The royal concubine gets 10 fruits every day, the noble concubine and the concubine both get 8 fruits. Taking photos or portraying portraits is only for those with high status in the harem.

The frequencies are selected very carefully.

Women in the Qing dynasty’s harem were also selected to a certain extent, they were “King women” of the Eight Banners of Manchu – Mongol – Han Clan. That’s because they wanted to maintain the internal bloodline, while ensuring there would always be “maidens” for the emperor. Women from 13 to 17 years old, unmarried, must apply.

The household ministry will have the function of keeping a list of girls recruited as concubines for the emperor to choose as concubines in the future or force them to marry a prince or prince. When they reach the age of marriage, the princes will review each other to get married.

With that rule, as long as she was a Han or Manchu woman, with an order from the Emperor, any woman could enter the palace and bury her youth behind the city wall.

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