Qualification perfect: Germany’s timetable for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar

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This is Germany’s timetable for the World Cup in Qatar

Germany qualified early for the World Cup in Qatar

With a 4-0 win against North Macedonia, Germany qualified for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar early on. National coach Flick has thus reached his first stage goal.

Germany was the first team to qualify for the World Cup in Qatar. The final group matches in November are only a matter of form. The focus is already on the world championship. The preparation will be more difficult than ever.

There is planning security 13 months before the start. The German national team qualified for the World Cup in Qatar earlier than any other team. Due to the strong 4-0 win in North Macedonia, Hansi Flick’s team can no longer be displaced from first place in the table two game days before the end of qualification. From now on, the coach and the support staff can concentrate on the desert World Cup.

“We achieved our goal of qualifying as quickly as possible. We were the first nation to qualify for Qatar. We can and we must improve and develop a lot. It’s a long way to go to the World Cup. I definitely know that a lot can be done with this mentality, ”said Flick.

Hansi Flick has a certainty and 13 months to prepare himself and the national team for the World Cup

Those: dpa / Federico Gambarini

First of all, the national team has to play the qualification to the end. The two final games against Liechtenstein in Wolfsburg (November 11) and in Armenia three days later are only a matter of form. “There is a fine line between what you do. We have now qualified. Now let’s analyze everything and then see how the games are going in the clubs and who we can possibly add, ”said Flick, referring to the two games.

Four months break

The game in Armenia closes the international match year, after which the national team will not meet again until March 2022. Preparations for the World Cup, which starts on November 21 and ends with the final six days before Christmas, will be heralded with two test matches.

The early qualification is not only important in terms of sport, it also gives the DFB early planning security. “It’s already a step. Now we can plan very specifically and tackle it concretely by February next year, ”said DFB director Oliver Bierhoff about the choice of the quarter.

DFB director Oliver Bierhoff

Oliver Bierhoff, director of the national teams and academy, now has World Cup planning security

Those: dpa / Federico Gambarini

In April the preliminary round groups of the world championship will be drawn. As things stand at present, Germany will not be placed as a group head, but will end up in the lottery pot with two. The world association Fifa plans to use the world rankings as a decisive criterion for the formation of the lottery pots. Accordingly, next to hosts Qatar, the top seven teams would be in the first pot. These ranks are currently occupied by Belgium, Brazil, England, France, Italy, Argentina and Portugal. Germany is well behind in 14th place and would face one of the eight group heads in the preliminary round at the World Cup. The Flick team could play against Brazil, Italy or France in the preliminary round.

Bundesliga plays up to eight days before the opening game

The first world championship, which will be held in winter, has a very special sign. The national coaches have never had so little time to prepare their teams for the tournament. Like the Premier League, the Bundesliga will hold its last game day before the World Cup eight days before the opening game (November 13-15, 2022).

Germany - North Macedonia

Timo Werner (2nd from left), Karim Adeyemi, Thomas Müller and Florian Wirtz celebrate the victory in North Macedonia, which seals qualification for the World Cup

Those: dpa / Federico Gambarini

Although the German Football League (DFL) will try to get teams like Bayern and BVB, which have many national players, to play as early as possible on this match day, Flick hardly has time for a training camp. Even if Bayern play on Friday evening, the national team only has one week to prepare together. It is usual to have at least 14 days before major tournaments. Whether Munich and BVB can start early this weekend also depends on the Champions League calendar.

Soccer: Bundesliga - Munich

The Hotel Al Aziziyah in Doha could be the home of the German national team during the World Cup

Source: pa / Andreas Geber / Andreas Gebert

There are still many uncertainties for the DFB. Bierhoff wants to have security in the choice of the quarter by next March. The favorite for the team hotel is the Hotel Al Aziziyah, where the Bavarians have resided in their winter training camps in recent years.



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