Quark by Piero Angela turns 40

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The Rai program that made science, technology and medicine within everyone’s reach – Ansa /Courier TV

On March 18, 1981, introduced by a famous Bach aria, the first episode of Piero Angela’s historic program was broadcast. Quark talks about science, nutrition, technology and nature in a simple and understandable way for everyone. The name of the program derives from physics: the subnuclear particles are called quarks. Quark’s mission is to make complex themes familiar, but not trivialize them. To do this, Angela uses BBC documentaries and Bruno Bozzetto’s cartoons, used to explain the most difficult concepts. Interviews with experts have a clear and direct language. Right from the start, the broadcast was a great success among the public. Between 1986 and 1987, for the first time, two first evenings of Rai 1 are dedicated to climate problems: atmosphere and oceans. In ’95 “Superquark” and “Speciali di Superquark” were born, monothematic episodes on topics of social and scientific interest.


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