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What repercussions can Covid-19 have on the fetus? Is it true that children are more resistant to this disease? If instead they contract it, how can it present and evolve and how can it be distinguished from other viral infections? What kind of immune response develops in a growing organism? And the same goes for teenagers? How to manage children with chronic diseases during the pandemic, from allergies to the most severe ones, such as diabetes or even cancer? How to deal with vaccinations? What should the pediatrician do? And finally, what are the possible long-term consequences? They may seem like many questions, but they are just some of those that ask themselves those who, like everyone, have been involved, overwhelmed and thrown into a new reality, made up of uncertainties, fears and prohibitions, but who, in particular, are dominated by one state of deep anxiety due to the responsibility to preserve the little ones: therefore parents, but also teachers and doctors “of the children”.

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Questions to which, along with many others, they felt the need to try to answer Sipps (Italian Society of Preventive and Social Pediatrics) and Siaip (Italian Society of Pediatric Allergy and Immunology) in Manual of prevention and management of indirect harm in children at the time of Covid-19, with the contribution of over 70 specialists, selected from among the leading Italian experts in their respective sectors, who have drawn up 156 pages of real “instructions for use”, preceded by an introduction that provides a systematic picture of the infection by Sars-Cov-2, its biology, the body’s response to viruses and this Coronavirus in particular. “The volume”, the coordinators Giuseppe Di Mauro (Sipps president) and Gian Luigi Marseglia (Siaip president) write in the preface, “has on the one hand the objective of taking a dynamic photograph of the current clinical-epidemiological situation, and on the other of sharing critical reflections with the reader, but also to provide – as far as possible – some suggestions to all those who have to accompany the child and adolescent to understand and adapt to this new reality ».

Gian Luigi Marseglia, San Matteo Polyclinic, Pavia
Gian Luigi Marseglia, San Matteo Polyclinic, Pavia

In this regard, attention to adolescents should be noted, which, to quote from the manual of Roberto Burgio, undisputed master of Pediatrics, “inherit the child they have in them”, specifying: “If we want to be of help to them we must learn to know their world”.

Giuseppe Di Mauro, president of Sipps
Giuseppe Di Mauro, president of Sipps

The hope of the authors is that the pandemic may be an opportunity to focus attention on an age as fascinating as adolescence, trying to overcome the stereotype “adolescents are all the same”. The manual can be downloaded from the websites of the two companies and


Manual for the prevention and management of indirect harm in children at the time of Covid-19, Sipps-Siaip, Coordinators: Giuseppe Di Mauro, Gian Luigi Marseglia, Elena Chiappini, Maria Carmen Verga

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