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A little breath of fresh air for the activities bent by the post Covid crisis. It will concern, according to government estimates, about 3 million businesses and VAT numbers, who will receive non-repayable indemnities, or, upon request, an equivalent tax credit. On average they will have approx 3,700 euros each. Applications can be submitted online to the Revenue Agency starting from Tuesday 30 March. The same Agency, led by Ernesto Maria Ruffini, is committed to pay the contribution due, as a rule, within two weeks of the application, with a transfer to the current account indicated by the applicant.
A mechanism already tested with the 3.3 million in indemnities paid in 2020 following the Relaunch decree, the August decree, the four Ristori decrees and the Christmas decree, for a total amount of 10 billion. This time, the billions allocated by the Sostegni decree approved by the Draghi government I’m 11.

The requirements

The provision has expanded the audience of potential beneficiaries in two respects: the requirement of the Ateco codes, which had excluded various categories from the previous refreshment points, was canceled; compared to the Relaunch decree, the turnover ceiling to be able to request the contribution has been doubled, from 5 to 10 million annually. To access the indemnity, in addition to not exceeding this limit, the applicant must have undergone a loss of average monthly turnover in 2020 compared to 2019 of at least 30%.

Online application

The application can be submitted through the telematic channels of the Agency o the web platform developed by Sogei, available in the reserved area of ​​the Invoices and Remuneration portal. This can be done directly or using an intermediary, from 30 March to 28 May. It will be possible to access the procedure with the credentials Spid, Cie (electronic identity card), Cns (national service card), Entratel of the Agency.

Procedures and times

For each application, the Revenue Agency will carry out checks on the data declared. In particular, on the existence of the requirements for loss of turnover; on the correctness of the tax code and IBAN, which must be in the name or joint name of the applicant. Once the checks have been made, the Agency will communicate the acceptance or motivated refusal of the application. In the first case, it will also indicate the payment mandate for the contribution and the relative amount or the recognition of the tax credit, if this was the choice of the applicant. At that point in a few days the money should arrive in the checking account. In all, the Agency estimates, if the practice will not encounter obstacles, it will be closed in a couple of weeks.

Five bands

The compensation divided into 5 bands. Sar equal to 60% of the amount of the loss for subjects with revenues up to 100 thousand euros; 50% for those between 100,000 and 400,000 euros in turnover; 40% between 400 thousand and one million; 30% between 1 and 5 million; 20% between 5 and 10.


After disbursement of the contribution, the Agency will carry out further checks, using the electronic invoicing data. If it emerges that the indemnity was in full and in part not due, the request for reimbursement with the relative penalties will be applied. The data relating to requests for grants will also be transmitted to the Guardia di Finanza.

April Decree

The indemnities provided for by the dl Support are considered insufficient by the categories concerned. The government is aware of this. In the coming weeks, Prime Minister Mario Draghi will ask Parliament for a new budget variance for 2021, after the 32 billion already authorized for the Sostegni dl. There is talk of at least another 20 billion deficit that will be used for the April decree, with other aid to companies affected by the closures of the first months of 2021.


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