Quinoa chips – Bedoce – Salud Natural

Quinoa chips – Bedoce – Salud Natural

Recipe for about 10 u.


100g of cooked quinoa
stale bread crumbs/milk
2 eggs
tuna or sardines in oil
fresh ginger
parsley, oregano, salt and pepper


First of all we cook the quinoa for 10/12 minutes (in 3 times the volume of water), with a little grated lemon.
With the stale bread crumbs (previously soaked in milk – 1 hour approx) and the quinoa we knead until we get a homogeneous dough, add salt and leave aside.
Blend the fish with the egg yolks, the aromatic herbs and the grated ginger juice, add salt and pepper. Form croquettes with the quinoa mixture.
Make a hole in the center of each croquette with your index finger and fill with the fish, closing the ball with the quinoa mixture.
Fry the chips turning them delicately so that they are well done.

Serve warm with salads, or hot sauce (tomato, red pepper, and ginger). They can also be eaten cold or made in a smaller size and have more as a tapa for starters.


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