Quirinale, Bruno Vespa at Accordi & Disaccordi (Nove): “The least unlikely name is Draghi. Berlusconi? Complicated”

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“Who will go to the Quirinale? Rationally, the one that has the greatest or least improbability is Draghi. Berlusconi? Complicated”. Like this Bruno Vespa guest ad ‘Agreements & Disagreements’, the political talk conducted by Luca Sommi and Andrea Scanzi broadcast on Nove every Wednesday at 21.25, about the names circulating about the person who will replace Sergio Mattarella in February 2022. “The nose of the reporter says that 75 years teach us to don’t make predictions. In the book I do a few names and I say that rationally the one that has the most probability or minor improbabilities is Draghi in my opinion, also because I believe that he wouldn’t mind go there “, said the journalist, in the bookshop with”Why Mussolini ruined Italy (and why Draghi is healing it)”Published by Mondadori. “But if you go to Colle, is there another government or do you go to elections?” Asked Sommi. “This is the point. Everyone says: ‘no, Draghi must stay there because yes’. But who makes Draghi do it to him? Meanwhile, as we know that he wants to go to the Quirinale, they pretend not to know ”, replied the host of Door to door. “Giorgetti in this book said that from the Quirinale Draghi ‘he can drive, the caravan, the convoy'”, continued the conductor, referring to a conversation contained in the volume of Vespa in which the Minister of Economic Development, the Northern League Giancarlo Giorgetti enunciates a de facto semi-presidentialism. “He hasn’t already done so Napolitano? ”, The historical Raiuno journalist retorted, reiterating that“ the weakness of politics has given greater powers to the Quirinale ”. In the end Silvio Berlusconi. “If he has a chance? Complicated. The numbers would be there, but the error that everyone commits, not just Berlusconi, it is not to count his own, it is to see how many of his own, how many snipers does he have at home and take an external number higher than these. A very complicated calculation“, Concluded Vespa ..

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Bruno Vespa, Lucia Azzolina and Fabrizio Pregliasco guests of Accordi & Disaccordi on November 24th at 21.25 on Nove. With Labor


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