(Quora) launches an application that combines several chat bots in one application

(Quora) launches an application that combines several chat bots in one application

belbalady.net Quora, the social network specialized in questions and answers, announced the launch of the open version of its new application, Poe, which allows the user to chat with a variety of artificial intelligence bots within a single interface.

The company had launched the application for the first time in December of last year in a closed way to a limited group of users, but it has become available today to all users on the Apple App Store, provided that the version for Android phones will be launched during the next few months, according to the company.

Quora said that her application is currently based on three different bots, two of which are based on artificial intelligence models from OpenAI, the developer of ChatGPT, and the third is based on the Anthropic model, in which Google recently became an investor. The company stated that it plans to add a larger group of bots during the coming period, and it also indicated that the idea of ​​providing multiple chat bots is that each of them has been trained to perform different tasks, and provide different points of view, according to the sources from which he drew his information, which is what is supposed to give the user Wider options to get answers from different angles.

In the future, Quora seeks to integrate the answers provided by Poe into its original service, where the user can obtain artificial intelligence answers to his questions, in addition to the answers provided by the site’s users, but the company said that it will not take this step until it finishes developing Poe and testing it well and making sure From providing accurate and adequate answers that can be displayed along with human answers, she added that the service will remain in the form of a standalone application until then.

The company stated that it plans to open Poe to all developers, as it invites any developer who has an artificial intelligence model that has trained him to perform certain tasks to integrate it into the application, opening the door to dozens of artificial intelligence robots specialized in providing answers to specific topics such as mathematics, science, or otherwise, and not only Generally oriented bots such as ChatGPT can answer all kinds of questions, but with varying degrees of accuracy.

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Quora’s move comes as part of a general trend in the technology sector currently in employing artificial intelligence technologies within various services and applications.





It is worth noting that Quora’s announcement came in conjunction with Google’s announcement of its chatbot (Bard), which presents a similar idea in terms of integrating it into Google search results to provide artificial intelligence answers alongside human texts, which is the same as what Microsoft intends to announce soon through ChatGPT integration with Bing search engine.

It is noteworthy that Quora is a social network for questions and answers that was founded in 2009, when it started in English before adding a group of other languages. The Arabic version of Quora was launched in 2019, and the site currently has 400 million users.

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