RAAM in response to attack in Jerusalem: “Calls to avoid violence”

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The Likud party has issued a public demand from the chairman of the steel industry, Mansour Abbas, to condemn the shooting attack that took place this morning (Sunday) in the Old City of Jerusalem, in which one person was killed and three others were injured. “The Likud demands that Mansour Abbas and Ma’aram officially and unequivocally condemn this morning’s criminal terrorist attack in Jerusalem – without reservations and without excuses,” the movement said in a statement.

Following the demand, the RAAM issued its first response to the attack: “For decades the RAAM has opposed and condemned and acted to prevent harm to innocent people on both sides, and will continue to do so especially when it comes to innocent civilians. RAAM has always called for the sanctity of life, and to avoid any form of violence, and to strive to live together in peace, security, partnership and tolerance, as set out in RAAM’s vision.

“The Likud can not preach morality to the Prime Minister and MK Mansour Abbas, period. The Likud led the government for many years, and failed to achieve peace and security and internal stability, so its time is up and replaced. The Likud must accept the fact that there is another government today. “.

As mentioned, criticism of RAAM has also been heard earlier from members of the opposition, who were quick to respond to the deadly attack and attack the government. Opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu said: “Hamas, which is behind the attack, must pay a heavy price for this criminal murder in the heart of our capital.”

The chairman of the Religious Zionist Party, MK Bezalel Smutrich, wrote: “I want to strengthen the hands of the security forces in Jerusalem and call on all of us to pray for the healing of the wounded. Terrorism should be eradicated with an iron fist while cutting off hope. Attach to the government. “

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Chairman of Jewish Power MK Itamar Ben Gvir said: “Only about a year ago, the High Court rejected my petition to place magnometers fifty meters in front of the gates on the mountain. If they had done so the dire consequences would have been avoided. When terrorism raises its head, its head should be lowered. Anyone who tries to murder Jews should shoot him in the eye and send a message to those who come after him that this is the end of every terrorist. “The government’s lack of governance encourages the terrorists to carry out terrorist attacks. In the meantime, until the government wakes up and blows up the Muslim Brotherhood, the terrorist’s house should be destroyed and his family members expelled from the country.”


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