Rabbi Eliyahu: A great force is coming to the prime minister

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Rabbi Eliyahu: A great force is coming to the prime minister

Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu (Photo: Association of Rabbinical Communities)

The rabbi of the city of Safed, Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu, refers to the storm surrounding the assassination of the terrorist who carried out a stabbing attack in Jerusalem last night, and says that the border fighters acted as expected, even if the terrorist was already wounded and posed no danger.

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Rabbi Eliyahu said this morning: “The fact that the border police killed the terrorist in a short time does not really increase the level of risk that was at the Nablus gate more than it was with Elor Azaria in Hebron. In both cases, the terrorists had to be killed. “

Rabbi Eliyahu emphasizes that “any terrorist who tries to kill a Jew must know that he will die in disgrace and humiliation in the eyes of all. This is how killers are deterred. Even if there is no fear of an explosive belt, the terrorist should be killed. He died because he tried to kill a Jew. .

Documentation of the attack and assassination at the Nablus Gate (Photo: Police Spokeswoman)

Rabbi Eliyahu referred to the extensive backing that Border Police fighters received from the Prime Minister and the Commissioner, and said: “Azaria’s case was treated by Izenkot in a foolish way that caused the soldiers not to react, not to act, to hesitate and endanger lives, as we have all seen in various attacks, including the car bombing in the Commissioner’s Palace.”

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Rabbi Eliyahu added that “it is good that the commissioner and his senior officers have learned a lesson and they are backing their soldiers. “The prime minister and his ministers have a great deal of power over the backing of soldiers and border police, even though we have a lot of criticism of them.

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