Rabshakeh was arrested after firing

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On Friday in the early afternoon, a group of Bedouin rioters arrived at the fence of the Anatot settlement east of Jerusalem and began sabotaging it. The Yishuv Rabshakeh together with another person from the Yishuv security team sensed the scene and noticed that they were equipped with batons. .

Later, following a complaint from the rioters that the Rabshakeh had killed a goat that was with them, he was arrested at the Ma’ale Adumim station when his personal weapon and IDF weapon were taken from him. After Shabbat, he was released under house arrest. The Rabshakeh completely denies the claim.

Nir Shurman, chairman of the Rabshakeh organization, said: “We trust the Rabshakehs and know that all Rabshakehs in all sectors do their job faithfully while risking their lives 24/7. Understanding the case, it is a scandal and tying up the Rabshakehs” C acts on behalf of the residents for whose safety they are entrusted. Those who work nights and nights in preserving the lives of citizens must get backing from the system. This is not the first case in which the Rabshakeh has been “treated” in this way. The Rabshakehs and the locality of Anatot give full backing to the Rabshakehs.

Photo: Hassin Refaia


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