Massimo Galli’s opinion is clear on the AstraZeneca vaccine, the new Ema pronouncement on the risk of thrombosis and the news from Italy that has decided to recommend it to the over 60s. “Last night’s decision is a noble contest between Pontius Pilate and Don Abbondio, in a game of tresette not to take. Everyone has pulled out of all responsibility. And so the image, the credibility of the vaccine have been undermined in a way decisive without there being any real reasons to do so “, the infectious disease specialist of the Sacco hospital in Milan and lecturer at the State University of the Lombard capital told Salute, commenting on the new ‘stage’ of the story.

“Certainly there are clinical pictures, with some deaths that have ensued – adds Galli – Particular pictures, suspicious, strange if you like. Situations of which very little is known, at least based on the data made available up to now. very little consistent, compared to the totality of vaccinations made. We are not sure that these phenomena, despite their singularity and rarity, are not attributable to ‘background noises’, or to something that does not have a direct relationship with the vaccine ” .

In this context, according to the expert, “a different approach would have been better from the beginning. An approach which, given the situation, had already preceded, in the first phase, the investigation to the suspension. investigation “, concluded Galli.

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