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The second season of «The Morning Show»On Apple Tv

Jennifer Aniston could never have been a war correspondent. “No, I absolutely would never make it,” he admits. However, in the role of the journalist, the actress is very happy. Now, together with Reese Witherspoon, he returns to give life to the couple of presenters of the information program that also gives the title to the Apple TV series (the second season starts on September 17), «The Morning Show»
. “The thing I like most about this series is at the same time the biggest challenge: telling the present,” says the actress. “In fact, in addition to introducing many more characters, compared to the first season we face the consequences of the topical topics already treated”. And if the first few episodes were all about Me Too, “now we will try to show the effects of everything that is happening, including the ease with which the human side is often forgotten in things that concern us.” The point, according to Aniston, is that there always comes a time when “we are called to face our faults and to deal with what we have allowed or not to happen. To us or around us ».

A show that talks about current events

Witherspoon agrees, that with Aniston he not only plays but also produces the series: “It can happen in many contexts: on the show we also talk about homophobia, racism, sexism, of the various discriminations that exist also within the information industry ». The ambition, for both, is «to represent current events: it is the most stimulating thing. We wanted to do it not only in the most honest but also in the most realistic way possible ». To succeed, Aniston admits, we had to concentrate «in the gray areas. They are the ones that I find most interesting, in the stories, in the construction of a character, because that’s where the truth lies. It’s not all black or white. We wanted to tell the background, what is not always said but which is most often felt, so that the whole audience could reflect and say: hey, I think this too ».

Speaking of nuances, the actress is sure that there are also at the basis of a certain generation gap in the field of information. “I find it interesting to have tried to represent this too. The search for truth has never been more difficult than in recent years when we are bombarded with information. Still, I notice that younger generations often reason thinking that something is either black or white. This is not the case, and so let’s go back to those gray areas in which to go and investigate if you intend to be honest ».

Recovery during the pandemic

An effort made more complicated by a not an easy period, like the lockdown: «In fact, we are talking about the three months preceding the pandemic. We also had to rewrite the series for everything that happened. On a practical level it was difficult to shoot a series like this, respecting the dutiful but complex security protocols. But the absurd thing is that in a short time it has also become desperately normal. But we managed to make a really beautiful series ». “Life is said to be that thing that happens while you are making other plans,” echoes Witherspoon. Well, that’s exactly what happened with the pandemic. I’m just sorry that because of all these rules we saw each other less on the set ».

The Serie it also touches on the theme of success, fame … “It has a cost, I know one hundred percent – says Aniston -. There is a price to pay among many joys … then you can decide how far you are willing to do it, but there is. It doesn’t have to be something you can’t handle. But never as now, as an artist, you put yourself on the line: you not only offer entertainment to people but also the power to enter more or less into your life. In fact, they can also attack many aspects of you. ” “It depends on whether fame is an end in itself: there are many people who have achieved success and simply weren’t happy,” reflects Witherspoon. “Many who ran, ran and then wondered: why am I doing this?”.

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