Radicchio, a must for the local culture: Europe crowns it

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Radicchio, the European Union crowns it: the Radicchio d’Oro Award is back

Symbols of excellence of the Venetian land, the Red Radicchio of Treviso PGI e The Castelfranco PGI are at the center of the three-year European communication campaign with the message “Europe signs the products of its territories“. The project aims to enhance and give notoriety to PDO and PGI fruit and vegetables based on their seasonality; specifically the campaign also concerns the Green Asparagus of Altedo PGI, the Vignola cherry PGI, the Peach and Nectarine of Romagna PGI, the Lusia PGI salad, the Pear from Emilia-Romagna PGI and the Radicchio di Chioggia PGI. The European campaign includes, among other activities, participation in the long-awaited event “Radicchio d’oro”Which finally this year is back in attendance.

The delivery of the “Radicchio d’Oro” Award, in the categories Taste, Entertainment, Sport and Culture, at the Academic Theater Castelfranco and the gala dinner, with a menu entirely based on radicchio, at the Hotel Fior di Castelfranco, the historic site of the event. This event also shines the spotlight on the resurgence water, the fundamental element that makes the cultivation of radish, as it is able to create an extremely fertile soil in the provinces of Treviso, Venice and Padua, which have enjoyed the IGP mark since 1996.

There are two varieties of Red Radicchio of Treviso PGI: Late and Early. The first is recognizable by the long and tapered leaves of an intense vinous red color, it is characterized by a central white rib and a unique flavor, pleasantly bitter and crunchy. Instead, the Treviso red radicchio precocious, it is recognizable by the voluminous head, with an intense red color with a very accentuated white main rib and its flavor is slightly bitter and with a medium-crunchy consistency. The Red Radicchio of Treviso PGI it can be tasted from mid-September to the end of April, when it is richest in minerals.

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