Radio, 9 million Dab + digital receivers in Italian homes and cars by the end of the year

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There are over 8 million owners of a Dab + digital receiver between domestic ones and those integrated into the car’s infotainment system but within the year they will pass the 9 million mark. This is one of the salient data of the study commissioned by Dab Italia to the Gfk Italia institute with the aim of dimensioning the possession of radio devices equipped with Dab + technology. The study was supported by a research conducted on a sample of owners of Dab + devices to analyze, in depth, habits of use and gather timely insights on listening to Dab + radio. In fact, in addition to the quantitative data, the study reveals many indicators that light up a beacon on the use of Dab programs widespread in Italy. And among these, the study notes that 82% of those who own a digital receiver usually listen to Dab + programs, of which 40% predominantly or exclusively. In addition, 52% of respondents listen to Dab + radio every day several times a day, mostly in the morning between 5 and 13.

The study also highlights that only 18% of the sample continues to prefer an analogue listening (Fm) of radio programs mainly because their favorite radio is local and not yet broadcast digitally, while 31% of Dab + digital radio users were “very satisfied with the service”, a figure in line with the best market benchmarks. The main drivers that increase the satisfaction of listening to Dab + are the quality of the audio, the ease of use and the fact that the service is free, without any use of data services, especially when it comes to all-digital programs that cannot be listened to in FM. The latter, known to 71% of the sample, offer programs dedicated to particular musical genres, increase interest and listening especially among the youngest and are highly appreciated among those who listen exclusively to the radio through Dab +.

“The Dab is a great reality, it has long opened the innovation of Italian radio thanks to the financial and technological commitment of the private national radio publishers. We are satisfied with the results achieved and the next goal will be the extension of the service to the entire population, especially when traveling “announces the president of Dab Italia, Eduardo Montefusco. “We will improve reception on the motorway and, where possible, also in tunnels. We hope that the Ministry for Economic Development will conclude international agreements on the Adriatic side as soon as possible, finding the necessary frequencies that will also allow local broadcasters to develop this technology “, he continues.

The research disseminated by Dab Italia was carried out by Gfk Italia with web interviews (Cawi) to people over the age of 18 who bought a new car or a domestic radio receiver in 2019-2020, therefore aware owners of a radio Dab. Finally, Dab Italia reminds us that today, 52 national programs are broadcast on the Dab system, which can be received by over 85% of the population and more than 250 local programs. Among the national programs offered, 20 are receivable in simulcast (ie also in FM), 32 are programs only in Dab. Dab Italia, the first national operator, broadcasts Radio DeeJay, m2o, R101, Radio 24-Il Sole 24 Ore, Radio Capital, Radio Maria, Radio Radicale, Rds in addition to the programs that can only be received in digital DAB + Deejay 30 Songs, Capital Funky, Rds Relax, Radio Maria Albania (in Albanian) , m2o Dance, Radio 105Dab, Radio24 Il Sole 24 Ore +, Rr News.

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