Raggi loses and becomes the victim: “Attacked …”

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The 5-star Movement in Rome failed with the re-nomination of Virginia Raggi for the Capitol and it is not the only debacle of the pentastellati in these local elections. The outgoing mayor will not even go to the ballot, which now seems certain that it will be the prerogative of Enrico Michetti and Roberto Gualtieri. Both Giuseppe Conte and Virginia Raggi commented on the result of the ballot of the first seats in Rome but neither of them mentioned the failure of the ballot, a real defeat for the 5-star Movement. The outgoing mayor has chosen to take the path of victimhood to justify the failure of the electoral round of the administrative. Virginia Raggi, late in the evening with the spoils not yet completed, appears to be almost paired with the outsider Carlo Calenda.

We await the final count. The Rays came from a difficult situation, 5 years of attacks, of difficulties in a complex city but also the result of the Rays is an excellent result. Virginia is proving that she went through this step head-on“, commented Giuseppe Conte to La7, which did not hide the disappointment for the preference percentages: “We were a bit disappointed, something more was expected“. Despite the evident rejection of the Romans to the Rays administration, the president of the 5s declared:”The Raggi in Rome has done a great job, she is a serious person, she has done a lot in terms of legality and keeping the accounts in order. He comes out absolutely with his head held high, it is still an absolutely worthy result“.

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Virginia Raggi, on the other hand, went to hers election committee set up at the hotel The Hive in via Urbana, in the center of Rome and here he commented on the progress of the count. “First of all I want to thank all the citizens for their trust, the thousands and thousands of people who have supported me, the people who have worked by my side all these years.“said the outgoing mayor.

So, Virgina Raggi in the conference played the victimization card: “After five years of violent attacks and often unfortunately also personal, which few would have resisted, I got just under what the battleships of the center-right and the center-left totaled and this is a fact to be taken into account. We have achieved an important result that gives a voice to many people who have believed in me and in the work we have done in these five years. I took on the hardest part, now those who come later have no more excuses for not working well and we will monitor this“.

The outgoing mayor, therefore, thanked the leaders of his party: “It was a demanding election campaign. I thank Luigi Di Maio and Giuseppe Conte who put their face on it. I would like to thank all the citizens who have trusted me, the thousands of people who have supported me and those who have worked alongside me. “I reassure the citizens, their votes will not be sold off in the end-of-season sales. I will not give an indication of the vote, the vote is free, the votes are not packages and the citizens are not herds to take to pasture“.

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