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The first Test against New Zealand ended in a draw in Kanpur yesterday. Rahul Dravid has given Rs.

The Uttar Pradesh Cricket Association said in a statement, “We are releasing an official announcement. Rahul Dravid has given Rs 35,000 from his own money. ”

Certainly Rahul Dravid has proved that he is a different model than the others, the values ​​of life that cricket teaches us beyond the successes and failures of cricket are essential. Cricket is about values ​​such as honesty, competitiveness, friendliness, speed, wisdom, inspiration, endurance, viewing the game as a sport and doing something with pleasure. All these have disappeared due to commercial cricket.

The match was still 7-8 minutes away after 90 overs due to insufficient light yesterday, but 2 more overs were possible, but referee Nitin Menon and Sharma said that due to lack of light enough, captain Rahane said, ‘The referee’s decision on lack of light was correct’. Ashwin has always said that light is the problem when the game ends in Kanpur, but the draw is still a great Test match. This is what Sporting Spirit is all about.

If you think of Goli and Ravi Shastri in the same place … he will show his body language and fight with the referees. That means we need a wicket if they need 4 runs to win then there is no problem in moving the match to its actual end time, even if there is no light. But Sunil Gavaskar says it’s not the norm to dress in the dark when it’s only for one team. Good luck Rahul Dravid came. But aside from the fear that Rahul Dravid will do the same as Kohli and Anil Kumble did, there is also the hope that it will no longer be possible.

After losing the first Test against England in Chennai, Virat Kohli and Ravi Shastri were the ones who moved the ball from the first ball for the next 3 Tests and finished the match in 3 days.

But before the Kanpur Test, groundsman Shivkumar said he had not received any instruction from the team to have a pitch like this. It is in this context that Rahul Dravid has given Rs 35,000 to Shivkumar’s chief groundsmen team to make a sporting pitch.

This is not news. Indian cricket has gone one step further in elevating the value of cricket. Rahul Dravid is a role model for this.

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