” Rai board will return to represent the country, those who expect it are right ”

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The Rai Board of Directors must return to having a role, it must represent the country and therefore it cannot be represented by one person alone, as it was with Salini and how it will be in a while. IS whoever claims to be there is right”. This is what Pupi Avati says to Adnkronos
political controversy in progress after the vote of the House and Senate
which did not bring a representative of Fdi to the Board of Directors. ” The more ecumenical the more the Board is representative of the country – underlines the director –
Rai must return to represent the country
– reiterates – e the Board of Directors must once again take responsibility for the choices the Company makes and do not delegate them totally to the CEO as has happened in recent years. The company carries out a public service, we pay it and we decide! What is the use of a Board of Directors that does not decide? What’s he doing there? – keep it going – Once upon a time the board of directors counted and I’m not talking about two centuries ago but 10 years ago. Then there was a reform and things changed. Now the CEO decides everything, the board of directors was dismissed. So – concludes Avati –
Claiming to have a representative on the Board of Directors is small
while claiming to giving back to the Board of Directors the role it had is important. This is the battle that needs to be done”.

(at Alisa Toaff)

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