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Viggo Mortensen, Mahershala Ali and Linda Cardellini are the protagonists of the drama film, directed by Peter Farrelly, “Green Book”, which will be premiered tomorrow on Rai1 at 21.25. New York, 1962: Italian-American bouncer Tony Vallelonga, known as Tony Lip, is forced to look for a job due to the temporary closure of the place where he works. The right opportunity comes when he meets Don Shirley, a famous jazz pianist. The African American musician hires him as a personal driver, in view of the tour that will take him to perform in the southern states, precisely where racism is deeply rooted. On the other hand, Tony himself has many prejudices against blacks.

Interpreted by Marco Giallini, the surly and Trastevere vice-chief Rocco Schiavone, television transposition of the famous protagonist of the literary works of Antonio Manzini (Sellerio Editore), returns to Rai2 with two new first evenings in the name of noir and detective. Uprooted from his beloved capital and transferred, for some time now, to Aosta for disciplinary reasons, Schiavone has never really settled in the adopted city. He continues to bear the harsh climate and the snow that he insists on facing with his inevitable loden and Clarks. Always tormented, but also emotionally redeemed, by the memory of his beloved wife Marina who he imagines and regrets every day since his tragic death. And then those questionable friendships, those vices that are not strictly legal and orthodox, such as his methods of investigation and his cheeky language, to say the least, with no limit to foul language and colorful interspersing. In short, Rocco has not changed and we will find him, in this fourth season, always struggling with his inner demons and with the same stubbornness of a rude and implacable policeman. Together with his men he will be busy shedding light on two particularly complex cases. The first will lead the assistant superintendent into the dark folds of gambling and the second to shed light not only on a case hastily labeled as medical malpractice, but also and above all on a part of himself that he has kept hidden and protected from everyone for too long: that of feelings. Rocco Schiavone is a co-production of Rai Fiction, Cross Productions and Beta Film, directed by Simone Spada, broadcast prime time tomorrow and Wednesday 24 March on Rai2.

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There is the famous short story by Thomas Mann at the base of Benjamin Britten’s latest opera “Death in Venice”, which Rai Cultura will present on its Rai5 channel tomorrow at 9.15pm. The show was staged at the Teatro La Fenice in Venice in 2008 under the direction of Bruno Bartoletti and direction, sets and costumes by Pierluigi Pizzi. Written between 1971 and 1973 on a libretto written by the poet Myfanwy Piper, the work tells the clash between the ethical norm that a great German writer intends to give to his life, and the rise of an intense and uncontrollable passion. To interpret it are called Marlin Miller, in the part of Gustav von Aschenbach – which was written for the great Peter Pears, Britten’s life partner – and Scott Hendricks, who embodies the many “Dionysian” figures who try to push the artist into abyss. The figure of the young Tadzio is embodied by a dancer: the étoile Alessandro Riga. The choreography is curated by Georghe Iancu.

On Rai3 ‘Who has seen it?’ – On Rai Movie ‘The Last Kiss’

More exclusive news on Benno Neumair at “Who has seen it?”, Tomorrow at 21.20 on Rai3. And then the story of Stefano and Alessandro, the two boys who disappeared from the same area a few weeks apart: are they really the ones photographed together by a TV viewer? Is there a link between these two disappearances? Could they have been plagiarized by someone? And of course the appeals, requests for help and reports of people in difficulty.

Rai Movie (digital terrestrial channel 24) tomorrow in prime time at 21.10 will re-propose, twenty years after its release in theaters, the film directed by Gabriele Muccino “The Last Kiss”. The film tells the story of Carlo (Stefano Accorsi) and his friends, Adriano (Giorgio Pasotti), Paolo (Claudio Santamaria), Alberto (Marco Cocci) and Marco (Pierfrancesco Favino), who, having reached the age of thirty, they find themselves reflecting on their life and their choices, thus undermining the certainties of all time. Carlo, who is expecting a child from his girlfriend Giulia, is enchanted by Francesca’s sensual innocence; Adriano, husband and father, argues too frequently with his wife; Alberto is unable to have a stable sentimental bond; Paolo tries to hold back his fiancée Arianna by calling her at all hours and thus is unable to take care of his very sick father; Marco is ready to marry for interest. The very rich cast also includes Giovanna Mezzogiorno, Stefania Sandrelli, Martina Stella, Sabrina Impacciatore, Sergio Castellitto, Regina Orioli, Piero Natoli and Silvio Muccino. The film won 5 David di Donatello’s including Best Director and Supporting Actress with Stefania Sandrelli. The soundtrack includes the original song “The Last Kiss” by Carmen Consoli which won the Silver Ribbon for the best original song. The Sicilian singer-songwriter also appears in the film in a cameo. This will be followed by the film information magazine “MovieMag” which will dedicate an in-depth study to the film.

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160 years after the proclamation of the Kingdom of Italy, on 17 March 1861, a story that traces in the first place the events of the Risorgimento that led to that decisive event in the history of our country and the stages of progressive unification, with the annexation of Veneto in 1866 and the capture of Rome in 1870. The documentary “1861 L’Italia s’è awakened. L’Unità and its celebrations ”, premiered tomorrow at 21.10 on Rai Storia. The documentary also tells how the unification of Italy was celebrated on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary in 1911, with the inauguration in Rome of the Vittoriano, the monument to Vittorio Emanuele II, of the hundredth anniversary in 1961, with the International Exhibition and the Exhibitions of Turin, and, finally, of the 150th anniversary in 2011: an Italy that, with the different spirit of the times, returns to commemorate the founding event of the nation.

On Rai3 ‘Past and Present’ – The anniversary of the Unification of Italy at ‘The band of the champions’ on Rai Gulp

On the death of Cavour, which occurred on June 6, 1861 at the age of fifty-one, the government of the newborn Kingdom of Italy passed into the hands of his successors: the moderate liberal leadership group known as the “Historical Right”. It has the arduous task of building the new state, bringing about the administrative, legislative, fiscal, economic and, last but not least, the cultural unification. At “Passato e Presente”, broadcast tomorrow at 1.15pm on Rai3 and at 8.30pm on Rai Storia, Paolo Mieli talks about it with Professor Galli della Loggia. It will be the Historical Right to complete the unification of Italy, of which 160 years will be celebrated on 17 March 2021. In 1866, with the Third War of Independence, the defeated Austria will cede the Veneto to Italy. In September 1870, the Italian troops, having opened a breach in the Aurelian walls near Porta Pia, conquered Rome and Lazio.

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The episode of “The Band of the champions” will be dedicated to the anniversary of the Unification of Italy, broadcast tomorrow at 3 pm on Rai Gulp and RaiPlay. The program, conducted by Mario Acampa, is broadcast live to help primary and lower secondary school students in a very complicated school year after school. Feast day at the Band and throughout Italy for the Anniversary of the Unification of Italy. To celebrate the birth of our state, the teacher Silvia Bernieri will talk about the passage from the Kingdom to the Republic and will focus on the period of the Risorgimento. national brotherhood. Professor Francesca Buoninconti will present some rankings with animals, while Massimo Temporelli will guide the public into the world of optics with an experiment on the lens and refraction effect. The hip hop dance week course continues with the dancer Vincenzo Camardella.

In the new appointment with “Tg2 Italia”, the journalistic column conducted by Marzia Roncacci, broadcast live tomorrow from 10 to 11 on Rai2, we will return to talk about the methanol wine scandal that 35 years ago caused 35 deaths in Italy. How has the culture of wine changed since then, controls, classifications and quality. The deputy commander of the carabinieri for agri-food protection will be attended by Colonel Amedeo De Franceschi and the lawyer Carlotta Pirro, expert in wine law. In the second part of the program we will talk about the 28 very young bishops of the Republic nominated by President Mattarella, with their stories of courage and example.


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