Raid of thieves in the Coni headquarters Damage to the premises, uproar offices – Not one, not two. The thieves who the other night turned upside down the Coni headquarters in via Botticelli, in the area of ​​the railway station, sifted through four floors of the building, from the second to the fifth floor, carefully avoiding the ground floor and the first floor, where the alarm system would surely have blocked them. They had to settle for little, very little, because there would be only a hundred euros missing from the drawers stolen by one of the sports federations whose headquarters is located in the building.
«They passed the door without leaving any signs of forced entry (perhaps it had been left open) and broke the entrance doors to the various floors, forcing them. Then they opened drawers and furniture and created a great mess, looking for I don’t know what, because there is nothing to steal “, he says. Enzo Imbastaro, regional president of Coni.
«A very strange episode», useless to deny it, continues Imbastaro, considering that in such a structure it is impossible, and even the most inexperienced thieves know it, to find money or valuables.
The visit must have lasted quite a while, considering that there are traces of the passage of thieves on four floors, but no one has noticed anything in the area. And only yesterday morning, when the cleaning lady arrived, the incident was discovered and the intervention of the police was requested. There are no cameras in the building, which may have filmed the criminals. The only protection is represented by the alarm system, but it is active only on two floors, which were not taken into consideration during the raid. The loot is not substantial, but the damage has been there. “Just damage and a lot of anger,” he says Mauro Marrone, regional president of the Italian Cycling Federation (FCI), recalling that in this period the office is “still closed to the public, in compliance with anti Covid-19 regulations”. Many messages of solidarity from friends, professionals and managers of the Abruzzo cycling, in the face of this “vile action”. Which occurred, they say in the building, just on the eve of the elections for the president of the regional committee of Coni and the junta. We vote tomorrow and the two contenders are Imbastaro and Antonello Passacantando.


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