Rain of M5s amendments on justice reform. Warning of Cartabia

Time.news – “The status quo is not an option on the table”: this is the warning launched by the Minister of Justice, Marta Cartabia, while the debate on the reform of justice is ignited, with M5s having already filed 916 amendments to the reform of the criminal trial that the 5 Star Movement deposits in the Justice Committee in the Chamber. This is what Time.news learns pending the meeting of the House and Senate groups, which is expected to be attended by the former premier and leader in pectore M5s, Giuseppe Conte. Meanwhile, the Movement observed that “the hearing in the Justice Committee in the Chamber of Nicola Gratteri, chief prosecutor of Catanzaro, was dramatically clear: the reform of the criminal trial developed by Minister Marta Cartabia must be modified”.

The words of Gratteri

“With the impossibility of prosecution envisaged by the Cartabia reform”, Gratteri warned, “50 percent of the trials, given the large amount of mafia crimes and maxi trial we are celebrating, will be declared inadmissible on appeal”. “If we insist it is not for a personal reason, because the judges will work much less and there will be no anxiety about running for the Pinto law. It is just a matter of security and credibility of the state ”, he added. “Imagining that so many trials are declared inadmissible undermines the security of the country”, echoed the national anti-mafia and anti-terrorism prosecutor Federico Cafiero de Raho.

The Keeper of Seals

From Naples, the Minister Cartabia replied: “After what I have heard about the numbers of pending, the timing of the definitions of the judgments, the timing of the transmission of the documents, I wonder: can we remain inert and firm in the face of a justice that is not a Frecciarossa , which in an hour and ten takes us from Naples to Rome, which must never stop in the countryside of Frosinone, but can we stay on the gig so that the Frecciarossa doesn’t get stuck? “.

The Democratic Party asks for “adjustments” on the prescription

The Democratic Party asked for “adjustments”: “The text that came out of the council of ministers needs – and everyone says – adjustments”, observed the group leader in the House, Debora Serracchiani, “entering into the merits, one of these concerns the prescription as it was imagined, which has a certain rigidity because it can be applied in this form only when we actually have staff and a different organization of justice. Today, unfortunately, those times cannot be respected. For this reason it is necessary to intervene to guarantee the gradualness and flexibility of the prescription”.



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