Ubisoft announced today that Rainbow Six: Siege Season 2, Operation Zhanguang, will launch on June 7. This season brings the new Belgian operator Sens, a new team deathmatch map, the first phase of a new reputation system that offers “Privacy Mode” and other updates, story changes, and more gameplay improvements.

Rainbow Six: Siege Year 7 Season 2 “Operation Light” | Sens CGI Animation [台灣漢語配音版]

“Operation Zhanguang” puts strategy first, the new attacker Sens is an outstanding tactician from Belgium, not only has military experience but also has received psychological training, slow speed, high health value, with the new POF-9 Or 417 as primary weapon, SDP 9MM or GONNE-6 as secondary weapon. His “ROU Projection System” equipment can deploy rollers that move in a straight line, set up small projectors, and explode after a certain period of time. The projector creates a wall of light that blocks the player’s view, allowing the Sens to be used in various ways depending on the situation.

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“Rainbow Six: Siege” Year 7 Season 2 “Operation Zhanguang” | New Map “Melee Zone” Trailer

In addition to new operator Sens, a new Team Deathmatch map will be available at the start of the season. Set in Greece, Melee Zone is the first team deathmatch map that focuses on movement rather than defense. The excellent combination of circular moving lines and a variety of different sight lines makes this map a unique experience worth trying.

The “reputation system” planned for the seventh year, the first phase will be introduced this season, to continue to improve player behavior. In this update, the “Anti-Accidentally Hit Allies” mechanic will be enabled by default for players who damage teammates too often. Players will be warned twice before being punished, and the punishment will not be lifted until the player has not harmed teammates in multiple matches. A further update is aimed at players who abuse the match cancellation system, which gives players more control over the entire process, from the initial request to the match cancellation itself. Additionally, the “Privacy” option will now be available to all players in the “Options” menu.

This season will also bring two teaching tools: one is a “shooting range” where you can practice, train, and experiment with weapon lethality, attachment and recoil to find the best gear without the pressure of combat, and the second It is an “Operator Guide” that gives players detailed information about each operator, their unique abilities, equipment, and strategy tips for attackers or defenders. Further updates include opening a third slot for secondary weapons for specific operators, as well as an option to adjust the intensity of the screen shake.

As announced at the 2022 SIX International, the world of Siege will see a story change: Rainbow Six operators will now be divided into different specialization units, and the teams will work together Collaborate on Rainbow Six’s global conservation mission.

In Operation Light of Light is the Wolfguard Squad, the world’s premier humanitarian military unit, renowned for its empathy and prudence. The majority of Wolfguard’s members have field medical training and are adept at a specific type of conservation work, and their roster is as follows: Lion, Montagne, Nomad, Twitch, Ying, Sens, Clash, Melusi, Bandit, Frost, Thunderbird, Castle, and Captain Doc .

“Rainbow Six: Siege” X “Dragon Among Men” Crossover Collaboration Bundle Trailer

Ubisoft has also collaborated with SEGA’s “Dragon Among Men” series to create two exclusive skin bundles for “Rainbow Six: Siege”. One of the appearance bundles allows Hibana to become Kaoru Sayama, and the other bundle allows Echo to become Kazuma Kiryu. In addition, an elite skin that will transform Echo into another well-known character from Dragon among Men is coming soon.

Launched at the same time as “Operation Zhanguang” is the “Comrade Team Program”, which allows players to invite up to 4 former teammates who did not play the game during the 7th year to come back to play the game. Complete five battles together in any PVP game mode, and both parties will be rewarded handsomely. Completion of the project by any of the four invited friends will allow players who invited former teammates to receive rewards: including new year 6 operators, new exotic weapon skins, and if they already own these operators, they will receive Other fallback rewards, such as Battle Pass Points. Each player invited to return will also unlock a Year 4 or Year 5 Operator or other fallback reward after playing five matches.

Rainbow Six: Siege is now playable on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Windows PC (including Ubisoft+ subscription service). The Chinese digital version for PC is now on sale at Ubisoft Store, Steam, and Baja Mall.

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