Raising the LGBTTTIQ+ flag generates controversy in Lázaro Cárdenas ‘high school’ | Tijuana News

Raising the LGBTTTIQ+ flag generates controversy in Lázaro Cárdenas ‘high school’ |  Tijuana News

2023-06-06 23:07:26

Tijuana, BC.- The raising of the hetero-allied flag must be taken as an advance in terms of human rights, however, the patriotic flag must be respected, said the deputy director of Inclusion and Diversity of the Tijuana City Council.

On Monday June 5, to commemorate the month of pride, the secretary of ISocial Inclusion and Gender EqualityMiriam Cano Núñez, and the director of the Lazarus Cardenas Federal Preparatory School (PFLC)Carlos Abel Eslava Carrillo, replaced the Mexican flag with the so-called hetero-allied flag, an action that generated divided opinions among the people of Tijuana.

If it is about empowerment, that it is noticed and seen that our community is present, I respect it, I respect that the PFLC has taken this initiative, we have raised the flag in some factories in the city for this event, however , in a school the situation changes”, expressed Edgar Edoardo Rodríguez Delgado, deputy director of Diversity and Inclusion.

Respect for LGBTTTIQ+ students

Respect in schools towards students who are part of the LGBTTTIQ+ community, The institution has to generate it through teachers trained in topics that encompass the main problems they face, he added.

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“Beyond the training that is given through the different state and municipal entities, to officials and to the general public, it is being empathetic, if there is no empathy, we will never be able to cross that barrier of respect, it will not There is no respect in any place or space, I invite you to be inclusive through the training that is given to bring understanding to the community”, he stated.

Rodríguez Delgado indicated that next Monday, June 12, honors will be held for The flag in the Municipal Palacewith a focus on sexual diversity, where they will mention the pride month ephemerisand will honor the flag of Mexico.

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