Rami Levy withdraws his request to increase his salary by 42% to NIS 135,000

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After the audit, Rami Levy returns from the request to increase his salary: As mentioned, according to three weeks, Levy convened a meeting of shareholders in order to request an increase in his salary from the amount of NIS 95,000 per month to NIS 135,000 per month, and also asked to increase the rent on the properties he owns and leases to the chain.

As you may recall, Levy received many criticisms for seeking to raise his personal salary – in a move that was supposed to increase the gap by tens of percent between him and some of the company’s employees who earn the minimum wage. On the one hand, Rami Levy has the Robinhood reputation of a retail market with the cheapest basic product basket – and on the other hand, he wanted to take a step that would significantly increase wage disparities – criticism of the issue likely influenced his decision not to move forward with that step.

In addition, Levy reduced the rate of increase in rents on its properties relative to the agreement of 31 properties, of which 20 are branches, and the rest are warehouses and offices. In the amendment to the letter of proposal, Levy presented an increase from NIS 85 per square meter to NIS 100 per square meter, an increase of NIS 95 per square meter. Raised in the amendment to NIS 50 per square meter.

Levy was also criticized for trying to raise the prices paid by his public company, to the private company – there is a high probability that the much criticism he received on the subject caused him to fall from the tall tree he climbed.

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    Wages per se are high and fast compared to other CEOs who take home 6 and 7 million a year is not much.



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