Ramírez shoots ex officio – La Nueva España

Ramírez shoots ex officio – La Nueva España

Although the duel is not terminal, even with 33 points at stake, the visit to El Plantío de Burgos does acquire an important dimension for the first sports project of the Orlegi Group at Sporting, which is going through a very worrying moment. It happens that the rojiblanco team has chained three defeats in the last four games and that it starts on Sunday being the eighteenth place, just three points from relegation after yesterday’s victory for Ponferradina against Alavés (1-0). The calendar makes this difficult transit even more difficult.

The rojiblancos have two consecutive home matches –the one this afternoon in Burgos, and the one in Las Palmas next Sunday– before receiving a visit from Granada who are fighting for direct promotion. The sporting crisis and, above all, the vulnerable image shown against Mirandés, have led Miguel Ángel Ramírez to think a lot about preparing for this duel.

He had managed to get his team to reach a good defensive level, despite the lack of fang that he usually shows in attack. The problem now is that solvency has disappeared very abruptly at just the wrong time. He didn’t even show himself capable of scratching a point in a match where he celebrated up to three goals. The rojiblancos have accumulated six goals (two in Albacete and four in El Molinón against Mirandés, averaging 3 goals conceded in these two games). The defensive bleeding of the last day, with gross individual and collective errors, and the need to flee from the red zone, which is getting closer, has led MAR to study structural decisions: reconsider the possibility of recovering the defense of five, and to once again have an important player in the locker room such as Cali. The Argentine defender has disappeared in the last three games. Today he aims to return as one of the trio of power stations in that defense of five. At the club, the leadership of Izquierdoz is highly valued, named as one of the captains in his first season in Gijón, where he has a contract until 2024. Pablo Insua and José Marsá would continue in defense if the change of system is confirmed, which was subject to discussion in recent days. The drawing change was open during the week. In rehearsals, in fact, it was tested with the system of five, and with the latest drawings.

Burgos’s style, direct and seasoned, will dictate the advisability of playing with one drawing or the other, although the difficulty of the moment and the defensive vulnerability shown against Mirandés do anticipate the more than possible return of Izquierdoz, among new modifications. Pol Valentín or Varane have options to play handball. The casualties also affect MAR’s approach in El Plantío. Because the canary has run out of his 9, Djuka, who is now fighting to reach the final stretch of the League on time. Meanwhile, he cannot count on Víctor Campuzano nor on Gio Zarfino, who aspire to return against Las Palmas. Ramírez pulled Milovanovic against Mirandés, but the Serb ended up on the bench. On the table has been the possibility of Cristo and Otero playing in Burgos at the point of attack. Even Aitor.


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