RANEPA and Federal Property Management Agency have launched a new training course – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

At RANEPA, with the participation of the Federal Property Management Agency, a base department and a scientific and educational center “Management of State and Municipal Property” have been created. This is a specialized platform, where you can study both in absentia and remotely, from any region of the country.

Today, graduate students are already studying here in the programs “Management of State and Municipal Property” and “Lawyer of the Property Complex”, as well as students of various advanced training programs in these areas.

– The scientific and educational center is a forge of personnel, – said the deputy head of the Federal Property Management Agency Alexei Pavlov, – I am sure that training at our unique department will be in demand for specialists from all over the country.

According to the director of the REC “Management of State and Municipal Property”, Acting Head of the Basic Department of State and Municipal Property Management Ivan Danilov, training will combine theory and practice.

“We also plan to attract foreign teachers and organize Russian and international scientific conferences together with the Federal Property Management Agency,” said Igor Danilov. – Now 78 graduate students are studying in our two courses, the first graduation will be already in 2022. More than 300 people have already completed or are undergoing refresher courses. The programs “Fundamentals of State and Municipal Property Management” and “Corporate Director” are very popular.

Expansion of the subject matter of the courses is planned for 2022. There will be training programs for corporate management of holdings, methods for identifying and disposing of non-core assets in joint-stock companies, conducting procurement activities, and much more.

Graduates of the basic department and course students will be able to count on good career growth in the Federal Property Management Agency, the Ministry of Finance, state corporations, joint-stock companies with state participation.



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