Ranking of Israel’s richest: Adelson maintains her position, Buchman rises

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The person who is placed second on the list of Israel’s richest people according to Forbes magazine is Eyal Ofer, whose fortune remained stable this week and stood at $18.8 billion, ranking 86th in the world. Immediately after him is Eyal’s brother – Idan Ofer, who also did not experience changes in his fortune, which is estimated at 14.2 billion dollars, and is in 123rd place in the world.

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The one who keeps the fourth place on the list is the Israeli oligarch Russian Roman Abramovich, with a fortune estimated at 9.2 billion dollars, and he is in the 205th place in the world. Dmitry Buchman is the only one on the list who recorded a profit this week, of 100 million dollars, which raises him one step to the 329th place in the world with a fortune of 7 billion dollars. Yuri Milner is not far away with a fortune of 6.8 billion dollars and is currently in 352nd place in the world.

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