Ranking of the medical specialties with the lowest salaries

Ranking of the medical specialties with the lowest salaries
  • Physicians with a specialty or postgraduate studies are often paid up to 40% more than general practitioners.
  • In Mexico, in order to access a specialty, it is mandatory to present and pass the ENARM.
  • Pediatric Endocrinology tops the list of the lowest-paying medical specialties and subspecialties today.

One of the objectives of continuing with the academic preparation is to be able to access better jobs. Many times it is achieved but there are also others where the payment does not correspond to all the years of study. This situation is worrisome in some medical specialties and subspecialties that currently offer the lowest salaries.

First you must start with the fact that it is not enough to have the disposition for self-improvement. In the case of Mexico, it is necessary to pass the National Exam for Applicants for Medical Residency (ENARM) to obtain a place. Although due to the high call only a minority of applicants achieve their goal. Sometimes even a high score is not enough.

Although the number of available spaces has doubled in recent years, it is still not enough. Currently only 40% of applicants get a place. While there are many young people who must take the exam several times until they finally get a place that allows them to be residents.

For its part, the test is just one part of a long process that must be followed. The following stages are to go to a face-to-face interview at the chosen hospital. You must make a good impression and show that you have enough conviction to get the position.

While the most complicated thing happens at the moment of starting the residency. The demand is too much because you must comply with 36-hour days without a break. While some hospitals still uphold harmful practices like hazing and inhumane punishments against aspiring specialists.

Medical specialties and subspecialties with low salaries

Due to all the path that must be traveled, the minimum that is expected is to receive a fair and dignified payment. With this in mind, the portal Doximity every year he prepares an investigation and has just published the results of the investigation in the 2023 Physician Compensation Report.

This work includes the medical specialties and subspecialties with the highest salaries and also those that offer the lowest. The research is based on the current panorama of the United States but it works to have a general vision of the world.

Medical care for children is usually not well paid

That said, in the first position is pediatric endocrinology because a specialist in this field receives around $218,266 annually, that is, just over 4.1 million pesos.

One aspect that stands out is that Pediatrics and all its ramifications are those that occupy the first places of this analysis. It is only necessary to point out that Pediatric infectious diseases, Pediatric rheumatology, Pediatric hematology and oncology and Pediatric nephrology They are the next to appear in the investigation.

Outside of the children’s environment, other medical specialties that stand out for their low salaries are genetics with an annual salary of $244,107 dollars, which represents 4.6 million pesos. In addition, it also appears Family Medicine with $273,040 dollars, that is, around five million pesos.

For now, are you part of any of the medical specialties with the lowest salaries?

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