Raoul Casadei is dead, the king of smooth was hospitalized for coronavirus in Cesena: he was 83 years old

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Raoul Casadei died. Hospitalized at the Maurizio Bufalini hospital in Cesena with coronavirus, the king of smooth passed away this morning, Saturday 13 March. Casadei was 83 years old and was infected with various family members who are in trust quarantine in Villamarina di Cesenatico. After hospitalization, his condition had progressively worsened.

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Raoul Casadei hospitalized for coronavirus in early March

Raoul Casadei was hospitalized at the Bufalini hospital in Cesena for coronavirus on 2 March. In addition to him, other relatives of the Romagna ‘dynasty’ were also infected. Raoul lived with his wife Pina and children in the ‘enclosure’ of Cesenatico.

“He’s fine – his daughter Carolina told the newspaper Il Resto del Carlino – and our greatest concern was when we noticed on the oximeter that the saturation was low. Also in consideration of his 83 years of age on August 15, the doctors who came home to have an ultrasound on his lungs and saw that he had some pneumonia, advised us to hospitalize him “.

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