Rare new species of panda sighted in China

Rare new species of panda sighted in China

2023-05-31 17:25:51

And animal rare, which according to specialists, is the the only one of its kind in the worldor, was seen while I was strollingin broad daylight, by the facilities of the gigantic Woolong National Nature Reservelocated in the province of Sichuan, Chinaas reported by the Chinese state social media account Panda.

The strange animal in question is nothing less than a very albino giant panda that powerfully drew attention to the totally white coloring of his skin and for his striking and large pink eyes, which make it unique in its kind.

Totally surprised and bewildered by this panda of which there had been no record so far, a team of specialists from the aforementioned Chinese nature reserve placed several infrared cameras at an altitude of 2,600 meters to be able to study it closely.

It was so that, after several days of arduous monitoring, they finally managed to record several images in which, while in some, he is seen together with who, according to specialists, would be his motherin others it can be observed playing and fighting with a giant panda bear.


The reserve believes they were likely mating as the physical fight occurred during the breeding season.”, reported the aforementioned Chinese media.

“This albino bear must be between about 5 to 7 years old and is the only panda with the rare mutation ever documented in the wild”, added the reserve authorities.

3105_panda bear

Finally, they reported that the animal seems to be in good healthsay what they will continue to monitor it with the objective of be able to collect DNA that allows you to obtain more precise data on this unknown species.

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