Rare Tiger is said to have killed two people in Sumatra

Conservationists in Indonesia have captured a rare Sumatran tiger that is believed to have killed two people. The big cat fell on Saturday in the village of Air Batu, approximately in the center of the island of Sumatra, in a trap set by the police and employees of the local nature conservation authority, the Antara news agency reported on Sunday. The tiger had been brought to an animal care station.

SN / APA / dpa / Paul Zinken

Only 400 specimens still live in the wild

According to reports, it is believed to be the tiger who killed a 20-year-old young man last Wednesday when he climbed a hill in Air Batu in search of a cell phone signal. On September 25, a gold prospector was killed by a tiger in another village in the area.

The Sumatran tiger (Panthera tigris sumatrae) is the smallest of the living subspecies of the tiger. In addition to poaching, the destruction of natural habitats by palm oil plantations has greatly decimated the number. On the giant island of Sumatra, whose area roughly corresponds to that of Germany, Austria and Switzerland combined, there are no more than 400 specimens left in the wild. It is the last remaining subspecies of the big cat in Indonesia after the Java and Bali tigers were already exterminated.

Accessed on October 17, 2021 at 3:24 am on https://www.sn.at/panorama/international/seltener-tiger-soll-zwei-menschen-auf-sumatra-getoetet-haben-111019108


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