Rates, Lagarde impoverishes the EU. Then the diktat: “Stop support measures”

Rates, Lagarde impoverishes the EU.  Then the diktat: “Stop support measures”

2023-09-26 12:24:00

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Lagarde in the European Parliament announces new catastrophes

Let’s start with the news. The President of the European Central Bank Christine Lagarde she went to a hearing in the EU Parliament and declared: “We need to maintain current rates to cut inflation”, which is currently at 5.3%. Immediate result? Market disruption.

And then again: “Based on our current assessments, we believe our interest rates have reached levels which, if maintained for a sufficient duration, will allow us to make a significant contribution to a timely return of inflation to our objective. In any case, our future decisions will ensure that the ECB’s key interest rates will be set at sufficiently restrictive levels for as long as necessary.”

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The banker knows very well that with these rates those who have the variable rate mortgage is in very great difficulty and represents 30% of EU families. Furthermore, the effect of stellar rates reverberates on the gas and on energy prices, which as “goods and services” affect the less well-off, but she doesn’t care.

Not happy, she asked that governments “continue to withdraw aid measures linked to the energy crisiswhile this falls, to avoid pushing inflationary pressures upwards in the medium term”. That is, it not only causes poverty in those with variable rates but then he also wants to remove state support measures! Furthermore, it also puts the burden on us by binding the stability pact and therefore tying governments’ hands on the exemptions widely requested precisely to deal with this economic situation.

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Who is Christine Lagarde, this “Attila of the euro” who with his haughty behavior (recently he even confiscated the cell phones of the councilors as if he were a teacher) inflexibly governs the Central Bank? Italians have begun to know it as the “lady doormat”, this wrinkled old woman with a sly look who doesn’t deserve to hide her contempt for our country. Every time Lagarde moves we lose money.

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Lagarde, why she is known as the “doormat lady”

But why do they call her the “doormat lady”? It all stems from an embarrassing letter addressed to his boss at the time, French President Nicolas Sarkozy, found in a drawer during a police search: “Dear Nicolas, very briefly and respectfully:

1) I am at your side to serve you and serve your plans for France

2) I have done my best and may have failed at times. I ask your forgiveness

3) I have no personal political ambitions and I do not wish to become an ambitious servile like many of those around you: their loyalty is recent and sometimes not long-lasting

4) Use me for the time you need, your action and your casting

5) If you use me, I need you as a guide and as support: without guidance, I risk being ineffective, without support I risk being less than credible. With my immense admiration. Christine L”.

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The letter shows the unstoppable desire to “be used” – as she herself writes – by her boss.

Since then she has been known as the “doormat lady” and suggestive memes of her pinned to the ground with a sadomasochistic collar while kissing her boyfriend’s hand still circulate on social media. Godfather Sarkozy. But since then his career has taken off.

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