Rayo resists, Barça recruits miss out

Rayo Vallecano holds its draw, Lewandowski and his team miss their entry. Panoramic

Barça will settle for a draw to start their season (0-0). The new recruits did not shine for their big first at Camp Nou.

Barca failed in their first three-point quest of the season. At home, against Rayo Vallecano, Xavi’s men remained muted for 90 minutes, unable to do better than a draw (0-0).


Rayo Vallecano, a point synonymous with victory

Draw, away, against the vice-champion of Spain draws, it is a point that pleases. If Xavi’s men returned to the locker room with the bad impression of having missed their match, it was the opposite feeling that crossed the minds of Andoni Iraola’s players. Coming to look for an encouraging result, the latter have succeeded and can return to Madrid with a smile, synonymous with a good start to the season.

Dimitrievsky, the impassable

The Macedonian goalkeeper only cracked once, but that counted for nothing (goal disallowed by Lewandowski in the 13th minute of play). Otherwise, no Barca player has managed to break through the Dimitrievski wall. By chaining parade after parade, the number 1 of Rayo could be in the team of the first day of La Liga.


Barça rookies remain silent

Lewandowski shook the nets well in the first quarter of an hour of play, but his goal was logically disallowed for offside. Other than that, the Polish striker never managed to get the upper hand on Rayo’s defence. A very poor performance for his debut at Camp Nou … Not really helped by his partners it must be said.

For his part, Raphinha was enormously stirring in the first act but missed everything he undertook. Lack of luck sometimes, success otherwise. We will have to be much more realistic for the matches to follow. On the defense side, Christensen was neither bad nor good. It must be admitted that the Dane did not have much to do…

Frustrated Busquets

Disappointed by the result of his team, the Spanish midfielder let out his frustration on his opponents. Upon returning from the locker room, Busquets, however experienced, was guilty of several frankly avoidable faults. This cost him a first yellow card in the 75th minute for an anti-game foul, then a second sanction in the 90th + 3 for an elbow on Falcao. The 34-year-old midfielder therefore left his partners at 10 at the end of the game.


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