“Read the great concerns of the Spanish”

“Read the great concerns of the Spanish”

2023-06-07 10:31:59

He debate about debates. That is the great issue of this pre-campaign that is already a campaign. How many do we do? Now is the million dollar question. Sánchez says half a dozen, Feijóo than one. Very well… the advisers of both will reach an agreement on the amount.

But how good would it be They will also reach an agreement on quality. They are few but good, right? That they do not become a melee in which they are attacked as if there was no tomorrow, in which they stay on the edge or directly settle in the insult, in the … “and you more!”.

Mr. Sánchez, Mr. Feijóo, may I have a proposal? Read the great concerns of the Spanish in the latest polls, surveys, barometers that have been carried out in different media. And address the rise in the shopping basket, social inequalities, the cost of housing, unemployment, climate change, the war in Ukraine… These are the issues that keep women and men who are going to lose sleep over to vote on July 23.

And look at me, you can call me weird, but Don Pedro, Don Alberto I would like to know too What do you think of Artificial Intelligence? I’m starting to worry a lot. And the unbearable increase in violence against women, unimputable children, and the number of extremely talented young people who leave us because they cannot build their future here. And I’d also like to know why we’re still in the tail wagon of investing in research. I don’t know… Yes, have debates, but don’t waste your time and don’t make us waste ours!

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