Read to the mayors: “We will face the challenges of ineligibility, the number of mandates and the Severino law. We will give a solution”

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“The challenges of ineligibility, of the number of mandates, of abuses, of Severino law we will face them and give a solution “. These are the words that the secretary of the Democratic Party, Enrico Letta, he told the first dem citizens during the national assembly of reformist and progressive mayors, in Rome. “We will have to give a solution – he added – in a logic, as is the typical one of our party, of convincing and applying them through the rules of consensus”.

Letta therefore wanted to reassure the mayors, in particular on the Severino law of 2012. Two articles of the law that the Democratic Party would like to eliminate and which today oblige to suspend from office mayors, governors, councilors who have suffered a sentence in the first degree, unlike of what happens to members of the government and parliamentarians, suspended only after a definitive sentence. From the proposal of the Democratic Party, only serious crimes would be an exception, such as corruption and extortion and crimes related to the mafia and crime. A very recent case has also raised the issue, that of Giuseppe Falcomatà, mayor of Reggio Calabria sentenced for abuse of office to one year and four months and therefore now suspended.

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