“Ready for Green Pass with blockchain platform”

Rome, March 18 (time.news)

Sul Green Pass launched yesterday by the European Commission “we are ready to respond with an all-Italian technology and based on security of the blockchain “. To tell time.news is Giuliano Pierucci, founder and administrator of B2Lab, the Italian company of platforms based on ‘block technology’, which thus intervenes on the legislative proposal advanced yesterday by the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, to facilitate travel and coexistence with Covid-19. “We are ready to support Italian citizens” because, explains Pierucci, “Through our blockchain-based Sanistory platform a person can store their health data related to health, swab results or vaccination and show this information to institutions that request it simply by showing a QR code from the mobile phone “.

President of Abie, the association of Blockchain companies belonging to Confindustria Digitale, Pierucci underlines that “since the beginning of the pandemic B2Lab has created the Sanistory platform for the most correct and certified management of the health emergency also with regard to the sanitization of workplaces “.” Sanistory – continues Pierucci – is divided into different modules and the last one is the one now capable of managing the digital Green Pass “. “The EU – observes the entrepreneur – is working on the digital ‘green certificate’ and we are the instrument to make this project concrete in Italy we have it ready “.

“The key to this technology of ours – continues Pierucci – is that all necessary health information is documented with dates and certificates supplied. Now we are waiting for the EU, or the Italian government, to provide appropriate indications and recommendations so that we can adapt the platform according to the rules and contexts that will be established but with technology we are already ready “. “We can immediately submit the platform to the Government, to the competent ministers, because we consider it strategic for the management of the pandemic and the vaccination plan. With the institutions we will of course be able to evaluate the management of data and the protection of citizens’ privacy “explains the founder of B2Lab and creator of the Sanistory platform who finally underlines:” Innovative technologies, thanks to the guarantee offered by a Green Pass, can prove useful for the management of the pandemic also in companies, in commercial activities or for artisans who enter homes “.


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