Real truth behind amala pauls participation in tamil bigg boss amala paul reveals the big secret | Amala Paul : Will Amala Paul participate in the next Biz Boss? This is the truth

Actress Amala Paul then said that she will never come on Bigg Boss. Amala Paul says that Bigg Boss is not a program for her. But the actor’s side is that if it’s Hunger Games, he can watch it. The actor said that he is ready to participate in forest, mountain, adventure and murder. In an interview with Ginger Media Entertainments, the actor was answering the question of whether he had received a call from Tamil Bigg Boss and whether he would leave if he finally got it. But the director of Amala’s latest film Teacher is of the opinion that if she goes to Bigg Boss, Amala will win Paul anyway. Vivek attributes this to the fact that Amala knows exactly what to say when.

Meanwhile, Teacher continues to run successfully in theatres. The film hit the theaters on December 1. The film is receiving very good reviews from the theatres. The theme of this film is an extraordinary crisis and survival from it. The audience thinks that the teacher is teaching the entire male community.

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It is not surprising to see women being physically and mentally abused regardless of age in today’s newspaper. The fact that the 10-year-old girl had to suffer torture at the beginning of the film is not just shown in the film. Even today, what is happening continuously is enough for us to talk about it. Vivek has made such an attempt. Amala has broken the pole as a teacher named Devika. Amala has succeeded in portraying Devika’s mental and physical problems in a way that the audience can relate to.

Because there are lessons that Devika learns and teaches herself, society teaches Devika and Devika teaches society, becoming a ‘teacher’. Amala Paul’s role as Devika in Teacher is the most powerful character in Malayalam films. Chemban Vinod, Hakeem Shah, Manju Pillai and many other stars are lined up in the film. ‘Teacher’ is the film directed by Vivek after Athiran.

When Chemban Vinod reached the climactic scenes, it turned out to be a great character. Manju Pillai and Hakeem Shah have done their roles well. The film is produced by Varun Tripuneni, Abhishek Ramisetty, G Prithviraj and VTV Films under the banner of Nutmug Productions. Century Films is bringing the film to theaters. Don Vincent composes the music for the film with lyrics penned by Anwar Ali and Yugabharathi.

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