Reality, Five Kids and “Golstar”: What the Big Brother Stars Are Doing Today

It was a program that revolutionized Israeli television, although before it other reality shows were broadcast, and were even a great success, but no one could prepare Israel for what “Big Brother” would do to its television screen. The first season of the reality show, which originally came from the Netherlands, aired in September 2008, almost a decade after it was first aired in the country originally and conquered the screens around the world. Before that, “Take Me Sharon” and “Survival” were broadcast in Israel with great success, reaching a particularly high rating, but the first season of “Big Brother” created an unprecedented public discourse, dividing the people of Israel in the struggle between the “Friedmans” and “Bublilim”. .

To date, 12 regular seasons of the program, which has been defined as a “social experiment,” have been broadcast in Israel, and four VIP seasons with the participation of celebs, artists and politicians. Even in its final season, “Big Brother” managed to create quite a bit of interest, but it seems that none of the seasons that have been broadcast since have been able to recreate the dimensions of the discourse of the first season. We decided to go back to the standout contestants of the first season of “Big Brother” and check out what’s going on with them today.

Shifra Kornfeld

When the outgoing tenant in question stayed in the house photographed in the country, Kornfeld used to knit on trees and mainly argue with members of the Bublil family. The rivalry between her and Einav and Yossi Bublil brought Israel back to discuss the ethnic demon, and proved, once again, that he is not alive and kicking. At the end of a particularly tense final, Kornfeld defeated Bublil and won a million shekels. Since winning, the winner has developed a television career, presenting the morning show of “Keshet” alongside Linoy Bar Geffen, and participating in a variety of specials and programs.

Kornfeld published a book called “The Second Half of the Night”, presented the radio program “Night Birds” on Gali Tzahal, alongside Kobi Arieli, and wrote columns for “Lasha” and “Maariv”. The win began with producer, editor and screenwriter Molly Segev, best known as the creator of “Wonderland,” with whom she gave birth to two daughters.

Kornfeld’s last major role was at the beginning of broadcasts by the Israeli Broadcasting Corporation “Here 11”, when she presented alongside Esther Rada, Lucy Ayub and Daphne Lustig the daily program “Culture Club”, which won the TV awards ceremony in the category “Best Cultural Program”. In addition, a former tenant recently participated in the “Question Answer” program, along with Merlin and Nig who returned to Repentance, for a personal conversation about religion and secularism. We feel that Kornfeld has not yet said the last word on screen.

Yossi Bublil

Bublil the Elder, was one of the most remembered contestants in the history of the show, his love for Lior Farhi’s song “Beware of It”, which came out five years earlier, made the song become a hit again and Farhi released a remake of it together with Subliminal. His televised conflict with Kornfeld was one of the main plot lines of the season, bringing both of them to the most suspenseful moment in the show’s history, as they sit on the couch waiting for Erez Tal and Assi Ezer to announce the big winner.

Bublil did not pursue an extensive television career after finishing second on the show, but participated in other reality shows. Shortly after “Big Brother” the brother Bublil took part in the reality show “The Bubbles on the Road to the Canopy” which accompanied his daughter Einav, of course, on the way to the canopy. A decade later, he returned to the message in the sixth season of the reality show “Golstar”, alongside Raz Zehavi, Felix Halfon, Osher Kasri, Yonatan Roshfeld, David Revivo, Dean Miroshnikov, Chaim (Hamimo) Shuai, Alexei (Alex) Morozov and Yaron Berlad.

Einav Bublil

Einav Bublil is also remembered, like her father, for the subsequent war of shouting in front of Shifra Kornfeld and the representatives of the “Freedoms”. She is without a doubt the one who has developed the most extensive reality career since leaving home. Immediately after her release, she participated in the program “The Bubbles on the Road to the Canopy”, participated in “Master Chef VIP” and also returned after a few years to the sixth season of “Big Brother”, and even shone in “Mother Replaces”, when she was replaced by “Another Brother”, Tal Gilboa.

In addition to the feature transitions from one reality show to another, Bublil has become a makeup artist and Instagram anchor with hundreds of thousands of followers. The star recently announced that she and her husband, Eli Benisti (the same one of the “Bubbles on the Road to the Canopy”), are expecting their fifth child. Mazel Tov.

Einav Bublil (Photo: Instagram screenshot)

Leon Schneiderowski

The Proud Tenant was one of the most colorful characters in the first season of Big Brother and brought an extroverted representation, to Channel 2’s Prime Time, in the days when audiences didn’t really know how to eat it. The extroverted representation did not prevent Schneiderovsky from reaching the grand final of the program and proving that he had nothing to be ashamed of.

In the year after he left home, he led the Pride Parade in Tel Aviv, as part of the celebrations of the 100th anniversary of the city of Tel Aviv. Over the years, together with fashion designer Yoav Meir, she directed the styling programs on the network, participated in the fourth season of “Golstar” and founded Tink’s talent agency called “Talentin”, which represents network stars.

In addition to the television and fashion work, Schneiderowski also managed to make a small musical flicker, when he collaborated with the emission of another “brother”, Leah Griner, in the unforgettable hit “The Boss of the Sea”.

Vanessa Alush

Although Vanessa Alush did not reach the finals of the first season of “Big Brother”, she seems to have managed to leave a much greater impression than other tenants who made it to the list (does anyone remember who Ziv is with me?). Alush was one of the sexier tenants of the season, bringing a French fragrance that is not when she is not ashamed of her sexuality, in a documented affair in front of the cameras with tenant Yoni Winkel and her hungry “snail”. After the plan, her partner at home moved to Alush’s home in Moshav Bitan Aharon, but over the years the relationship did not survive.

Vanessa did quite a bit of respect for Israel when she participated in the reality show “Money Island” in France, and that time, in her homeland, she even managed to qualify for the grand final. Towards the end of last season, rumors spread that Alush would return to the filmed house in the country, but with the opening of the current season, we realized that we would have to wait a little longer until we meet Bonsa again.


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