realme 4K Smart TV Stick – Google TV Streamer from Realmi

realme 4K Smart TV Stick – Google TV Streamer from Realmi

Most people today subscribe to one or more streaming services such as Netflix, and if we have a smart TV we can run the streaming services directly on it via an app, but if not, we can use a solution such as therealme 4K Smart TV StickThe streamer from the Rilmi company that we are testing this time, which comes with the Google TV system and support for 4K video.

The realme 4K Smart TV Stick streamer is a relatively new product, which came to Israel as a competitor to Shiomi’s Xiaomi TV Stick 4K streamer. Like it, Rilmi’s product comes in a minimalist stick configuration.

The big bonus with Rilmi’s Streamer, besides supporting content broadcast in 4K resolution, is the use of Google’s latest Google TV system, compared to the older Android TV, which should provide an improved user experience when watching content.

The realme 4K Smart TV Stick Streamer (Photo: Jan Langerman, Gadget)

A closer look – realme 4K Smart TV Stick

Unlike regular and larger streamers, the Realme 4K Smart TV Stick comes in a minimalist “stick” configuration measuring 90 × 29.8mm and 14.5mm thick, or about 2 of my fingers as you can see in the photo below.

The tiny structure leaves no room for too much stuff on the streamer itself, with the company logo on the top, regulatory captioning on the back, an HDMI port used to connect the streamer to the TV and a micro USB connection used to operate the streamer, the minimum required and no more.

Technical Specifications

  • Chipset – Amlogic S905Y4.
  • Memory – 2GB.
  • storage – 8GB.
  • connections – HDMI 2.1 ו-micro USB.
  • Video standards – HDR10+ / 4Kp60.
  • size – 90 × 29.8 × 14.5 mm.
  • Weight – 30 g.

Amlogic’s chip systems are used by quite a few streamers today, with the S905Y4 combining a processor with 4 Cortex-A35 cores at 2.0GHz and a Mali-G31 MP2 graphics core, along with 2GB of memory and 8GB of storage in the case of Rilmi.

This is not a particularly powerful technical specification, but more a specification designed for the main use of the streamer, streaming services, which it manages to perform without any special problems.

A closer look – the realme 4K Smart TV Stick remote control

The streamer itself is just one part of the equation, with an equally important part being the attached remote. In the case of the Realme 4K Stick, the remote comes in an elongated structure and is very comfortable to hold, with a “navigation circle” used as a replacement for the arrow keys, through which you can switch between the options in the interface.

In addition, the remote has a collection of buttons that includes a quick power button for the voice assistant, audio control buttons, navigation, power on and 4 buttons for quick activation of Netflix, YouTube, YouTube Music and Amazon Video.

While the remote uses a wireless Bluetooth connection to control the streamer, allowing us to control the streamer without aiming the remote directly at it, a closer look at the back of the remote, which includes the battery compartment (2 AAA batteries), reveals that in the front it is Reminiscent of a standard infrared remote control, with a semi-transparent window that should not be on a wireless remote control, which indicates that it is probably used by the company for other devices as well.

User experience – realme 4K Smart TV Stick

The Realme 4K Stick Streamer is very easy to install, as its kit includes the streamer itself, a wireless remote control, a short HDMI extension, a micro USB cable for charging, a pair of AAA batteries and a charger head, everything you need to operate and use the streamer.

The bonus of a tiny streamer like the stick is the way it is hidden behind the TV, when in my personal case I plugged it in with the short HDMI extension and used the USB socket on the TV instead of the charger that came with it, which helped me better hide the streamer behind the TV.

After the initial switch-on of the streamer, the system instructs the user to configure it by downloading the Google Home app that allows you to configure and activate the streamer in a few minutes, while downloading a collection of streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Video, Disney Plus and other services most of which are not available in Israel .

Anyone who has used an Android TV-based streamer or smart TV will find themselves at home with the latest Google TV-based Google TV system.

While it comes in a new and improved design, as a seasoned Mi Box user with Android TV, the adaptation to the new system was quick and the use intuitive and simple to understand. The main screen is divided into 3 main areas: a quick display bar that includes voice search, home page, apps and a library.

The home page displays at the top a quick view of all the installed applications such as the various streaming services and at the bottom displays content from the streaming services supported for quick activation.

In my case, the content recommendations came from Apple TV Plus and ViVi’s services that I do not use regularly, and I could not configure the display of Netflix and YouTube content that is properly displayed in my Xiomi streamer, a bug that will probably be fixed later and not really critical, just less convenient.

In my time with him I have not encountered any special problems in streaming 4K content on the various streaming services, when it is likely that if you prefer to play heavier and larger video content, its hardware will not cope properly with more advanced and heavier encodings, but standard use of various streaming services. Most users.

Bottom line: what we thought of the realme 4K Smart TV Stick

Streaming services have become a major part of most of us’s daily lives, whether it’s the old Netflix or Disney + that is expected to arrive in the country soon.

Many of us have a subscription to one or more services and the streamers come to make it easier for us to connect to the various services on TV, which is useful when you have an old and “stupid” TV or you prefer Google’s Android system over the built-in operating system on your smart TV.

The Streamer is designed to be an easy and inexpensive solution for upgrading your TV experience, and the Realme 4K Stick comes as a cheap and simple solution that does the job it is intended for and nothing more.

Streamers that come in the form of a stick like Rilmi’s offer one basic connection option directly to HDMI, but for most users this gives a complete answer to their needs, as it manages to run videos on various services such as YouTube and Netflix in 4K resolution without any problem.

If you are looking for an inexpensive streamer, the realme 4K Smart TV Stick manages to meet all the requirements of the average user and do so at a low price tag, while coming with Google TV and a particularly convenient remote.

Reali’s realme 4K Smart TV Stick streamer is available for sale at a price of 229 NIS.

What did we like?

  • Small and compact design.
  • Google TV system.
  • Convenient Bluetooth wireless remote control.
  • Plays 4K content without problems.
  • HDR10+.
  • price.

And what not?

  • Does not support Dolby Vision.
  • Low built-in storage.
  • Interface bugs.

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