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Rilmy’s GT series started out with a pretty impressive device (read the review here) earlier this year. The Realme GT 5G presented a sporty and different design than usual, impressive technical specifications and an attractive price. The company decided to build on its name and introduced a number of other models in the series, the strangest of which is the Realme GT Master Edition (or Realme GT ME), which gets the name not because it is the most advanced model, but because of its unique design with a gray back that reminded many Of a suitcase, though it is also available in a more standard color version.

Aside from the weird choice of his name, this is not a bad offer at all. The Realme GT ME offers a mid-range spec based on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 778 chipset, an AMOLED screen with a high refresh rate of 120 Hz, a triple photo array and a high-speed rechargeable battery with 65 watts of support. It is also sold at a fairly low price ranging from 1400-1600 shekels in Israel, depending on the version you choose, which allows it to maintain the attractiveness that Rilmi showed with the original GT model, although in the case of the ME model it is no longer a flagship device.

What’s in the box?

The packaging in which the Realme GT Master Edition is located is different from the regular packaging of Realmi. Like the original GT model, here too it is larger and comes in black, and not in the bright yellow in which most of the company’s boxes are known, but unlike the flagship device, here you will not find headphones included in the package, even though the device comes with a built-in connection (3.5mm ) For headphones.

In the box you can find:

  • Realme GT Master device in gray
  • Pin for removing the dualSIM drawer
  • Flexible gray shield for the back of the device that matches its design
  • Fast Dart Charge Charger, Power 65 Watts

Design, screen and multimedia

Design is of course a matter of personal opinion, and in the case of the GT ME I can say that I was less impressed. The gray back is different from what you can find on the market today and will definitely allow you to feel unique if you hold it in your hand, but this is not a particularly attractive design, far from the eye-catching sporty yellow back design of the original GT.

What I really liked about the design is the thought of the structure of the device. This is a phone with a large screen (6.43 inches) but its grip is very comfortable. The back is not smooth at all, the buttons located on the frame are not high and easy to reach and its weight, which stands at 180 grams for the gray model makes it very comfortable to use even for longer times.

Realme GT Master Edition (Photo: Ronen Mendzicki)

The device’s screen offers a 6.43-inch Super AMOLED panel, which comes in Full HD + resolution and a layout of 1080 × 2400 pixels and a high refresh rate of up to 120 Hz. Brilmi notes that the device supports 100% of the DCI-P3 color range and offers a maximum brightness of up to 1000 nits, with the touch sample rate at 360 Hz, which may wink at gamers and supports the assumption that the company treats the GT series as it is called Emphasis on games, even if it caters to the wider market.

The use of an OLED screen adds the high contrast we expected from the display and of course you can also use a display that always works to display more information, but these additional features are probably part of what leads to unstable battery life (extended on the battery section). The screen brightness is very impressive and allows you to watch it outdoors and there are different display modes that you can choose according to your personal preference, with the option of a mode that emphasizes the brightness, a mode that emphasizes the colors (I could not really notice the changes between these two modes) and “delicate” mode Which maintains a higher fidelity to the real colors (less rich colors).

Another feature that exists in Rilmi’s devices and is also available in the GT ME model is the edge lighting, this is used to mark the entry of alerts by illuminating the edges of the screen in different colors. This is a nice way to get notified of incoming messages even if the phone is far away from you.

Realme GT Master Edition (Photo: Ronen Mendzicki)
Realme GT Master Edition (Photo: Ronen Mendzicki)

Performance and battery

Perhaps the most annoying thing about Master Edition is its name. A name that really adds nothing to the device and is far from representing what it is. This is an intermediate market device and its name tries, even if not intentionally, to make it superior in the series over the Realme GT 5G, and it is not. The ME model comes with a Snapdragon 778 chipset, which is manufactured in a 6nm process and provides support for 5G networks. This is a fairly new chipset, introduced in May 2021, and the performance it brings to the GT ME device is very good, and combined with the high refresh rate, high touch sampling rate and the company’s dedicated “GT” mode designed to emphasize the highest performance at the touch of a button , This is an excellent solution for games.

So this misleading choice of name makes me very angry, because the results in the field for this intermediate device are excellent, and I have to sit here and tell you – no, this is not a master device.

The device’s battery comes with a capacity of 4,300mAh and supports the company’s fast SuperDart Charge charging with a maximum power of 65 watts via a USB-C connection. The battery life here is not unequivocally clear and it very much depends on how you use the device, with a boost of all the features available in it – refresh rate 120 Hz, always active screen, use of surround light, maximum brightness selection and occasional use of the dedicated GT mode. That you will not get a full working day and even very far from it.

This is of course an extreme situation, but it is also indicative of the wide range of results I have actually received even in more standard uses. Most days I used the device I managed to get through a full working day with an extra 5-10 percent battery left at the end of the day, but there were many days when I had to charge it even in the middle of the day (usually around 5-6pm). These figures are similar to what I also received during the review of the original GT model, so they are not surprising. Brilmi places an emphasis on design in this series of phones, hence the batteries are not the largest found in the company’s phones, but where there is a fix for the overall battery life is on the charging side.

The device’s quick charge is a particularly bright light when it comes to the battery, and it leaves behind the fear that we will be left without a battery at some point in the day. Supporting 65 watts of charging makes the Realme GT ME charge faster than what we saw in the original GT model, with charging from 0% to 60% completed in just 13 minutes and full charging arrives in less than half an hour.

The following is the full loading data:

time percentage Time gap
15:53 1 percent
15:55 10 percent 2 minutes (2 minutes total)
15:57 20 percent 2 minutes (4 minutes total)
15:59 30 percent 2 minutes (6 minutes in total)
16:01 40 percent 2 minutes (8 minutes in total)
16:03 50 percent 2 minutes (10 minutes in total)
16:06 60 percent 3 minutes (13 minutes in total)
16:09 70 percent 3 minutes (16 minutes in total)
16:12 80 percent 3 minutes (19 minutes in total)
16:16 90 percent 4 minutes (23 minutes total)
16:22 100 percent 6 minutes (29 minutes in total)

Realme GT Master Edition (Photo: Ronen Mendzicki)
Realme GT Master Edition (Photo: Ronen Mendzicki)

The cameras

The main camera set of the Realme GT Master Edition consists of three cameras and a front selfie camera:

  • Main camera: 64 megapixels, aperture key f / 1.8, shooting angle 80.5 degrees, focal length 25.3 mm.
  • Wide angle camera: 8 megapixels, f / 2.3 aperture key. 119-degree shooting angle.
  • Macro camera: 2 megapixels, aperture key f / 2.4, macro photography from a distance of about 4 cm. Without optical stabilization.
  • Selfie camera: 16 megapixels, up to 78 degrees angle and f / 2.5 aperture key, without autofocus.

Daylight shooting with the main camera displays good quality images, with high brightness and contrast, with the use of AI mode significantly emphasizing the colors. Those who like very vivid colors will probably enjoy the add-on, I prefer the pictures of the device without it.

More pictures from the main camera:

Photos from the Realme GT ME camera (Photo: Ronen Mendzicki)

Wide angle shots look good on the phone screen, but a closer look indicates a significant decrease in the amount of detail compared to the main camera, especially when it comes to areas with a large amount of details like vegetation, and in some places completely blurred areas can be seen.

The results of the camera at night are not good. It is obvious that the amount of lighting in them is not enough, when the level of detail is very low and very bright areas (lamps) are smeared. Using AI mode or dedicated night photography adds more lighting to the images, and even then the details in the image look smeared, but an improvement in smears can be noticed around strong light sources. This can be attributed to the fact that the sensor does not support image stabilization.

The selfie camera maintains a good level of detail and manages to be precise in creating blur in portrait photography, but here too we found that photography in low light conditions and at night offers poor quality.

The bottom line

The Realme GT Master Edition comes in a comfortable grip with a non-slip back like many of the devices on the market. It uses an AMOLED screen at a high refresh rate that produces good colors and offers high brightness, but does not complete the multimedia part completely due to the use of only a single speaker, however powerful it may be. Its battery life is average, but it offers one of the highest charging speeds on the market today, with less than 30 minutes to fully charge and less than a quarter of an hour to charge 60% of the battery, and on the photo side it produces impressive daylight results as well Impressive rule in night photography.

Choosing the name “Master” for your phone is probably the most annoying thing here. It gives an out-of-place name to an intermediate market device and in our opinion only harms the benefits it provides when it is discovered that it is not a flagship device.

Price: starting from 1399 NIS. To purchase >> Bug website

The packaging and its contents

Design and quality of construction

Hardware and performance


General score … and not necessarily average

What we liked

  • OLED screen
  • High refresh rate
  • Fast charging
  • Main camera
  • price
  • Headphone connection

What less did we like

  • Single speaker (mono)
  • Photography at night
  • Wide angle photography
  • Without water resistance
  • Choose a name for the phone

Where to buy and what are the prices?

  • Official importer: starting at NIS 1399
  • Open market: starting at NIS 1,399

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