RealtyBendles CEO: We are the investment booking of real estate files

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Against the background of the sharp price increases in the local real estate market, the shocks in the capital markets and the search for investment alternatives, a new digital platform, launched these days, will allow Israelis to invest in real estate files abroad, with a minimum investment of only NIS 1,000. This is compared to the amounts of tens and hundreds of thousands of euros required of those who are interested in investing in real estate abroad today.

Investing in real estate abroad, an area that is gaining momentum among many Israelis, is usually done through an investment in a single property such as an apartment that is rented out. The investments of institutional entities and large investors in real estate abroad are more sophisticated and usually include investments in various files and through funds that specialize in this. These are minimal investments in large amounts. The ‘REALTY BUNDLES’ start-up also allows small investors a similar option.

REALTY BUNDLES has developed an innovative digital platform that connects international real estate investment funds and Israeli investors. The platform makes it possible to invest in real estate projects abroad in small amounts, starting from a sum of only NIS 1,000, while spreading the investment and risks over a very wide range of dozens and hundreds of projects. The Israeli start-up has already won a grant for business innovation on behalf of the European Union and is currently in the process of registering a PCT patent.

Noam Amram, CEO of REALTY BUNDLES, explains that, like the platform in the hotel field, REALTY BUNDLES does so in the real estate field. The digital platform connects real estate funds and leading agencies with small investors. Investors have the opportunity to enter into investments, in small amounts and widely distributed, through the leading entities that have been closed to them so far. For the funds, the platform provides access to tens and hundreds of thousands of new customers and potential investors that they have not been able to reach so far. “

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The REALTY BUNDLES startup, established at the end of 2019, operates in partnership with major real estate funds and agencies in Europe (and next in the US). These are funds whose entry threshold is very high (usually a minimum investment of 100,000 euros or more) that invest in various segments of properties in the various countries on the continent: income-producing real estate, residential real estate, logistics warehouses, student housing and more. The selection of funds and agencies in which the platform invests is done after careful screening and with those who enjoy a good reputation in their country. These funds and agencies are able to offer a wide range of attractive assets and collateral-backed transactions.

REALTY BUNDLES, together with the same funds, builds clusters of projects according to the level of risk or area of ​​investment, with the financial investment distributed among them. In this way, the platform prevents a known situation in the field of real estate investments, where failure in one project may drain the entire investment.

Currently the platform already offers 7 state or regional bundles in Europe. Among other things in properties in the UK, Sweden, Portugal, Spain and more.

So far, the start-up has raised about NIS 8 million, some of them in mass mobilization, and today it is in another mass mobilization round. It should be noted that at the end of a limited pilot carried out by the company and at the end of the launch phase, the opportunity has now been opened to the general public to invest through the platform.


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