Rebecca Enonchong, oracle of Tech, free speech in Cameroon

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Our Grand Guest of the Economy RFI – Jeune Afrique is a voice that carries, not only in Africa. Rebecca Enonchong, a successful business leader in the technology sector, is a woman of influence (s), followed by nearly 150,000 people on the social network Twitter. (Replay)

This Cameroonian, daughter of a lawyer and creator of the Cameroon Bar, grew up between Douala and the United States, her mother’s homeland. Since 1999, she has been the head of the Apptech companywhich provides IT solutions to companies around the world, and is notably one of the partners of the Oracle group where she worked at the start of her career.

But, Rebecca Enonchong is also known as one of the main evangelists of the African tech scene. She participated in the creation of Pan-African network of Afrilabs incubatorsis the president of the Cameroonian incubator ActivSpacessits on the Board of Directors of the Venture Capital for Africa networkamong others.

This is not the only fight of this influencer. His subscribers on social networks regularly read his rants, against the war in the English-speaking area of ​​his country, on the fate of Cameroonian teachers (the dead chalk movement (#OTS), about the tax put in place on money transfers via mobile money (#EndMobileMoneyTax), or on the management of funds allocated by the IMF (International Monetary Fund).

Rebecca Enonchong. © Bruno Lévy/Young Africa

For more than three quarters of an hour, Bruno Faure of RFI and Julien Clémençot of Jeune Afrique first question him on the major topical subject of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and its consequences in Africa. The armed conflict in Cameroon is then widely discussed, Rebecca Enonchong expressing with emotion her pain at not being able to return to her village and her wish for profound changes that would allow her country to find peace. Among the other topics discussed: the place of women in the development of the continent, the revenue needed to further grow the Tech sector, taxation, the weight of China and the Huawei company, the tax on mobile money , the anger movement of the teachers… and the personal future of our guest.

Rebecca Enonchong’s Twitter.

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