Receipt lottery: how it works and what you need to know

Launch of the official website with the “participate now” space to generate your own code – Ansa /Courier TV

From 1 December it is possible to request your participation code to be shown to merchants at the time of purchase. A maneuver wanted by the government to increase traceable transactions and discourage payments in cash. On the website it is now possible to request your code. How to do? The first step is to log in to the site and choose “Join Now” from the main menu. A page will open in which some data such as the tax code will be entered. Once the procedure is completed, the user obtains the barcode to be kept on the smartphone and which can be presented at the cash desk only for electronic payments. From January, merchants will be enabled to electronically transmit the receipts which will be received directly at the Revenue Agency. The data of the bet, as happens in the pharmacy with the health card, will be transformed into a “virtual” ticket. Each euro spent will be a ticket, with a maximum of 1000 tickets per single purchase. The procedure is digital and automatic and, therefore, it will not be necessary to keep the receipts. Once the drawings have been made, the Customs Agency will communicate the winnings via certified e-mail or registered letter. The news will be anticipated with a text message to those who have registered, also leaving the telephone number. To participate you only need to be of age and resident in Italy. The draws take place on Thursdays starting from January 14th.



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